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Mickey's Farm (115 Videos) • 11m

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  • Paint Brush

    Mickey decides to make a painting for Megan using his paws. When he's finished he sees he has made a mess in the playroom with his paw prints. Pete the Paintbrush explains the he can use a paintbrush instead of his paws so that painting doesn't have to be so messy.

  • Tide

    Mickey returns to the beach to look at the sand castle he built the day before, but he can’t find it. Megan and Henrietta the Hermit Crab explain that the tide had something to do with the sand castle’s disappearance.

  • Whale

    Mickey heads to the beach to have a lookout for some whales, but all he sees is water shooting out from the ocean and worries it scared away all the whales. Megan and Wally the Whale explain that what he saw was a waterspout from Wally’s blowhole.