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Up Next in Mickey's Farm (115 Videos)

  • Bird Feeder

    Mickey sees a bunch of birds eating all of Megan’s seeds from a funny box on a stick. He believes the seeds should be planted, not eaten, and tries to protect them. Megan and Beatrice the Bird teach Mickey a new way to use seeds.

  • Sea Otter

    Mickey goes to the beach in to dig up clams for a clambake. But his pile of clams goes missing. Following the trail of empty clamshells, he sees a creature in the water that he's never seen before. He thinks it must be a clam-stealing monster. But Odette the Sea Otter explains that she's a fun-l...

  • Hatching Eggs

    Mickey finds some eggs outside the hen house that have spilled out of a basket. Worried the eggs won't hatch, he tries sitting on one like a mother hen. But nothing happens. Henrietta the Hen explains that there are two kinds of eggs. There are eggs that hatch into baby chicks. And there are eggs...