KidSpring Preschool

KidSpring Preschool

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Welcome to KidSpring for Preschool! KidSpring is the children’s ministry of NewSpring Church based out of South Carolina. Preschoolers will learn about Jesus on their level with these creative Bible stories, fun worship songs, exciting games, and practical lessons that will help them grow their friendships with God!

KidSpring Preschool
  • Trust In You


    Your preschoolers will memorize Psalm 9:10a (NLT) and names of God with this upbeat song!

  • Robot Rock

    Episode 9

    Beep, Bop! It’s time to do the Robot Rock. Get on your feet and dance with us.

  • Praise the Lord

    Episode 8

    Praise the Lord

  • Micah 6:8

    Episode 7

    Pretend to travel through time as you memorize Micah 6:8 (NCV).

  • Hope In My Heart

    Episode 6

    We just can’t stop smiling because God put a hope in our heart!

  • Here In The Kitchen

    Episode 5

    Preschoolers will get ready to bake in the kitchen and share God’s love with everyone when they sing this fun and catchy tune!

  • Follow Me


    This song helps kids memorize Mark 1:17​ and remember that we can follow Jesus everywhere!

  • Everywhere I Go

    Episode 2

    This song will help preschoolers remember that God is everywhere they go!

  • Dive In

    Episode 1

    This catchy song invites kids to “dive in” and explore the ocean!

  • God is Greater

    Episode 4

    This song will remind preschoolers to stop, look, and listen to what God has to say about their feelings! 1 John 3:20