Good News Guys

Good News Guys

5 Episodes

Learn the Good News about Jesus Christ with the Good News Guys. Fun and exciting Christian music and videos for children. New and Classic Sunday school songs of kids' praise and worship.

Good News Guys
  • Sunday School

    Episode 5

    The Good News Guys will have your kids excited about learning about God! Their contagious curiosity and excitement about God will help your kids grow in their faith! God LOVES You and Good News Guys love you too! So have fun and spread the Good News!

  • Lullabies

    Episode 3

    Looking for a good way to help your little ones wind down and drift off to sleep peacefully? Check out our lullabies collection! With soothing melodies and comforting lyrics inspired by faith, these songs will provide a calming bedtime routine that both you and children will love. With amazing pi...

  • Nature Video

    Episode 4

    Let’s explore nature!

  • Let's Celebrate

    Episode 2

    Let's celebrate God's love for us! 30 minutes of toddler-friendly Christian skits & praise songs by the Good News Guys

  • Fun
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Let's have FUN!! Learn the Good News about Jesus Christ with the Good News Guys! Our goal is to make fun and exciting Christian music for children! New & Classic Sunday school songs of kids praise and worship. We hope kids can learn about Jesus at a young age, grow closer to God, praise Him, and ...