Funny Man Dan

Funny Man Dan

7 Episodes

Trying new things can be scary for a little kid! Luckily, Funny Man Dan is here to help the little ones in your life learn to conquer fears surrounding all sorts of experiences that preschoolers encounter every day by encouraging them to Explore More. Come and play with the happy-go-lucky FMD as he goes on everyday adventures to places like the dentist, the petting zoo, and the beach, as he learns that trying new things can be a whole lot of fun if you can just be a little brave!

Funny Man Dan
  • Petting Zoo

    Episode 1

    Funny Man Dan gets to meet loads of new animal friends as he explores the petting zoo. He even faces his fears to milks a cow! So don’t be sheepish, grab your explorer gear and let’s go!

  • Dentist

    Episode 2

    Let’s brush up on our dental hygiene! It’s important to go to the dentist and it’s also important to know that you don’t have to be afraid! Join Funny Man Dan on a trip to explore the dentist and get a checkup.

  • Market

    Episode 3

    Grab your shopping bags and let’s go to the market! Funny Man Dan explores the local market and bravely tries some new foods.

  • Beach

    Episode 4

    Funny Man Dan loves to explore, but he’s not always so confident in water. Join him as he faces his fears and goes for a swim at the beach! Don’t forget your sunscreen!

  • Bike Park

    Episode 5

    Explorers, it’s time to strap on your helmets and visit the bike park with Funny Man Dan! Join FMD as he rides his bike without training wheels for the first time and gets a brand-new explorer badge!

  • School

    Episode 6

    Funny Man Dan goes to school! It can be scary when you’re new in class but tune in as Funny Man Dan faces his fears and makes some new friends at school.

  • Trampoline

    Episode 7

    Come on explorers! Let’s jump for joy at the trampoline park! Hop along with Funny Man Dan as he conquers the trampoline park obstacle course and earns a new explorer badge!