SPANISH: El Mundo de Abby (The World of Abby)

SPANISH: El Mundo de Abby (The World of Abby)

18 Episodes

Welcome to Abby’s World! Abby's World is a children's program based on Compassion International's national curriculum of holistic development for children between the ages of 3-9. Abby’s World focuses on the spiritual, physical, socioemotional and cognitive areas of a child's development Presented by Wess who plays the role of a teacher as well and Abby the bee where they learn together with you scripture, bible stories and everyday activities all while having an unBEElivable time!

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SPANISH: El Mundo de Abby (The World of Abby)
  • 01 - La Casa Sobre la Roca (The House on the Rock)

    Episode 1

    In this chapter, Abby learns with Wes that Jesus is the solid rock to sustain our lives, that passing things are like the sand, a beautiful animated narration of Jesus' parable ¨The two seeds¨ is the basis of today's learning. Abby invites us to memorize a biblical text with her, we will have a f...

  • 02 - Nacimiento de Jesus (Jesus' Birth)

    Episode 2

    Today's chapter by the hand of Abby and Wes tells us about the birth of our Lord Jesus, we will see a story told with the biblical basis of the Gospels that describe that event, we will learn that God the Father sent His Son to earth because He loves us, and that we, like the wise men, can give h...

  • 03 - Jonas y el Gran Pez (Jonah and the Big Fish)

    Episode 3

    Today, Abby and the children will learn the importance of obedience. Wes describes what it is to obey and invites us to see the wonderful story of Jonah. We will see that we cannot hide from God, that if we obey Him and the adults who love us, will be of joy and blessing for us and others because...

  • 04 - Alimentos Saludables (Healthy Food)

    Episode 4

  • 05 - Plantas Comestibles (Edible Plants)

    Episode 5

    Today, Abby and the children will learn that not all plants can be eaten or touched, they will mention some of those that are edible and those that are not, they will learn that it is important to wash their hands after playing with or touching plants, we will memorize a biblical text, they will ...

  • 06 - Respetar a Otros (Respecting Others)

    Episode 6

    Today we will see that we must respect all the people in the community, because we are all different and we contribute good things to others. Wes will tell us how to treat others with respect, we will see that the most important thing in a community is the people, God has given us different abili...

  • 07 - Alimentos Limpios (Clean Food)

    Episode 7

    Today Wes will teach us that we must clean the food before eating it, fruits or vegetables, we must also have clean hands at mealtime to avoid getting sick from a terrible bacteria, we will also see that children should keep away from knives and fire because God wants us to be safe, we will have ...

  • 08 - Las Estaciones (Seasons)

    Episode 8

    With a beautiful flower in his hands, Wes explains to Abby and the children what the seasons are and what changes appear in them, we will see how each season is special in each place, we will make a craft to use in the summer, we will learn a text from the word of God and we will color with Abby....

  • 09 - Las Plantas (The Plants)

    Episode 9

    In today's chapter, the plants, one of the gifts that God gave us will be the topic that we are going to learn. Abby and the children will see how important plants are for everyone on the planet being a source that produces food. We will make a beautiful craft, we will color together with Abby an...

  • 10 - Buenos Modales (Good Manners)

    Episode 10

    Today Abby has an important task about good manners. Wes will help her to do it while he teaches us all about this important topic. Wes will describe what it is and how they help us even to prevent diseases. We will accompany Abby to learn a biblical text, coloring and we will also make a useful ...

  • 11 - Animales que Trabajan (Animals That Work)

    Episode 11

  • 12 - Usos del Agua (Uses of Water)

    Episode 12

    Today we will see alongside Abby and Wes all the things we can do thanks to the water, we will see that God in His love has given us water so that we can all live, we will see how the water must be to consume it, Abby will help us memorize a verse and we will color with her as well as seeing a ni...

  • 13 - Elementos de la Comunidad (Elements of the Community)

    Episode 13

    Abby and Wes are getting ready to go out for a walk but first we will learn with them what a community is, how different they are, the things they normally have and how God wants us to live in the community. We will also color with Abby, we will learn a Bible verse and we will make a nice craft. ...

  • 14 - Trabajo Cooperativo (Teamwork)

    Episode 14

    In today's chapter, Wes will show Abby and the children that it is very important to play well, cooperate and respect when playing with other friends. We will make a craft to play at the table, we will memorize a biblical text and we will color with Abby. This chapter is from the area of socio-em...

  • 15 - Mundo Colorido (A Colorful World)

    Episode 15

    Today in Abby's world we will see how Wes explains to us that God has made the world beautiful and colorful for us, we will see how there is color in everything, He made everything for love, animals, fruits and heaven are made in a beautiful way. We will accompany Abby to memorize a biblical tex...

  • 16 - Cuidado de las Plantas (The Care for Plants)

    Episode 16

    In today's chapter, we will teach Abby and the children how we can take care of plants and what they need to be well, we will learn that God wants us to take care of the wonderful plants and that they are all important to our lives, we will accompany Abby to color, learn a Bible verse and make a ...

  • 17 - Partes de las Plantas (Parts of the Plants)

    Episode 17

    Today's chapter will show Abby and the children what are the parts of plants, what is the function of each one and compare them with the parts of our body. We will see that God did everything with wisdom. Abby will teach us a Bible verse, we will color in a nice picture and make a craft. This cha...

  • 18 - Fuentes de Aguas Locales (Local Water Sources)

    Episode 18

    In today's chapter we will explain what water sources are and which are the most common in communities. Abby and the children will also learn how we can take care of them so that we can always count on them. God has allowed us to have natural water sources and people have built other artificial ...