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Tune in every weekday for a fun bible story, weekly memory verse, and an epic stunt (that’s right—epic stunt!) hosted by a team of Jesus-loving friends.

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  • #291 - Preparing Your Heart

    Episode 293

    Happy Holy Week! Cameron shows us how we can make this week an EXTRA SPECIAL one by preparing well to connect meaningfully with God in these days leading up to Easter. You may want to take some notes on this one! Also, Colleen will be catching Easter Eggs dropped from the roof. Warning: this may ...

  • #290 - John's Easter Story

    Episode 290

    It’s time for John’s version of the Easter story. Noel is here to narrate this very unique version, and give us some helpful insights as we think about all four versions.

  • #289 - Luke's Easter Story

    Episode 289

    Time for another Easter play! Today Margie takes us through Luke’s account of Jesus’ resurrection… even one of the puppets gets a part in the play!

  • #288 - J.E.S.U.S.

    Episode 288

    Worship break! After two great stories, enjoy a chance to sing and dance along in praise to our great God with Big Big Worship’s J.E.S.U.S.

  • #287 - Mark's Easter Story

    Episode 287

    Time for another Easter play! Today, Brittani narrates Mark’s version of the story.

  • #286 - Matthew's Easter Story

    Episode 286

    ALL the Daily Devo hosts are here this week to act out for you the four different Easter stories! 4 different-yet-the-same Easter plays all in the same week. Cameron narrates the story from the book of Matthew.

  • #285 - Grace For Others

    Other people can be soooooo frustrating sometimes, right?! And yet, God loves everyone exactly the same (somehow!). Noel is here to help us better understand how we can extend a God-sized grace to the people around us.

  • #283 - So Great

    Episode 283

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Cameron introduces us to the song “So Great” from Make Some Noise Kids. You’ll definitely want to get up and dance along to this one.

  • #284 - Grace For Ourselves

    Episode 284

    Some of us are very hard on ourselves. Way harder than even God is! Which is why Margie is here to show us how to have more grace on ourselves. Even if it’s tempting to eat dirt.

  • #282 - Bethke Saves The Day

    Episode 282

    Brittani is back, and with the help of Jeff and the whole Bethke family, we come to see how God’s grace is a lot like the waves of the ocean.

  • #281 - In Need of Grace

    Episode 281

    In a week all about understanding grace, Brittani almost loses her job… until Jeff Bethke comes to her rescue! (And maybe– just maybe– it works as a great metaphor for how God gives US grace!) Plus, we’re sharing with you one of the BEST most EPIC stunts Colleen ever filmed!

  • #280 - Hannah’s Story

    Episode 280

    Brittani rounds out the week with the story of Hannah, and Colleen attempts her “Wildcat” trick off the snowboard jump! This one is going to be a nailbiter!

  • #279 - Sarah Tells All

    Episode 279

    Julia shares a very fun/funny interpretation of Sarah’s story. Man, that lady knew how to laugh!

  • #278 - Praise Party!

    Episode 278

    Happy Worship Wednesday! Julia is here to introduce us to another awesome lady, and artist featured in today’s worship song: MEISHA!

  • #277 - Mary Magdalene

    Episode 277

    Noel tells us more about a woman you’ve probably heard of… she was a good friend of Jesus! But there’s a lot peace and joy we can find in knowing more of her story!

  • #276 - Mary & Martha

    Episode 276

    All this week on the Daily Devo Show we are highlighting Women’s History Month by bringing you a full week of episodes ABOUT women, HOSTED by women, and WRITTEN by women! Today, Margie kicks things off with a story of two sisters from the New Testament. Plus, Colleen tackles a new trick!

  • #275 - Camel vs. Needle Eye

    Episode 275

    Brittani explains what camels, needles, and being rich have in common. Also: Colleen snowboards BLINDFOLDED!!!! Kids, do not try this at home! (Instead, just watch Colleen do it!)

  • #274 - Whitewashed Tombs

    Episode 274

    Noel shows how Jesus used this expression when he was upset with the Pharisees and teachers of the law. Learn why!

  • #273 - Big Word!

    Episode 273

    Margie hosts her first Worship Wednesday– and it’s a GREAT ONE! Sing along with this catchy Hillsong hit. And Colleen is back with yet another crazy add-on for her snowboard jump.

  • #272 - Lambs & Goats

    Episode 272

    Lambs and Goats seem so harmless, but Michael explains how Jesus used them as symbols in an explanation of something very serious. Then, to lighten things up, Colleen gets even sillier as she snowboards off a mountain in Vail, Colorado!

  • #271 - Sheep & Shepherd

    Episode 271

    Ya know those phrases in the Bible you hear all the time but you don’t EXACTLY know what they mean? All this week we’re explaining some of the Bible’s most common metaphors. Join Cameron for a look at what “the shepherd and his sheep” is all about. Plus, Colleen goes big with the “Add-on Challeng...

  • #270 - Fiesta Friday!

    Episode 270

    After a rich week of learning, join Cameron for an awesome time of worship. Think Colleen can land her backflip? Watch and see!

  • #269 - How NOT to do it!

    Episode 269

    Noel (rather THREE Noels!) are stressed about wanting to observe lent well. Luckily, a fourth Noel is able to offer some heavenly wisdom. Also, Colleen takes to the slopes!

  • #267 - Giving Up Things

    Episode 267

    Brittani explains how some people fast during lent, and others don’t. Which is better?