Classic Superbook

Classic Superbook

27 Episodes

Two young children, Chris Peeper and his neighbor Joy, come across a glowing Bible in the attic of their home. It transports them to the events within its pages. Accompanied by their robot friend, Gizmo, they travel into the Superbook to experience Biblical stories firsthand.

Classic Superbook
  • So You Want To Go Back To Egypt!

    Episode 1

    The story of journey of the Israelites towards the Promised Land that includes the following: the grumbling of the Israelites after experiencing hunger; the provision of manna by God to the Israelites; the second grumbling of the Israelites experiencing thirst; the water out of the rock; the vict...

  • The Good Left Arm

    Episode 2

    After the Israelites once again fall into idolatry, they are conquered by King Eglon of the Moabites (another of the Israelites’ many enemies). Ehud, a judge sent by God, leads the Israelites and delivers them from the Moabites. He also kills King Eglon (who was a very fat man) with a double-edge...

  • Just Rewards

    Episode 3

    This tells the story of how Samuel became a judge and prophet of God. Hannah prayed to God and asked for a child. She gave birth to a son and called him Samuel. She offered him to be of service to God and he undergoes training under Eli, who is a judge in Israel. One important part in this story ...