Cap’n Ben

Cap’n Ben

29 Episodes

Reformed pirate, Cap'n Ben, and Pickles the parrot explore the world and to share their adventures with positive educational videos and songs! They explore social and emotional learning in a fun way at a pace that fosters learning! Join the duo on their adventure and as always, "Keep to the Captain's Code!"

Cap’n Ben
  • Cap'n Ben | How To Draw and Castle

    Episode 29

    In today's episode, we'll get our creativity 🎸rockin'! Grab some paper and a pencil and join Cap'n Ben and Pickles for a special drawing lesson and a fun "no wrong lines" challenge. "When you're creative, you think about things in new ways, from new perspectives!"

  • Cap'n Ben | Courage of Big Ideas

    Episode 28

    Today Cap'n Ben and Pickles tell us all about courage! Building courage can give us the strength to try new things. In this episode, we will learn all about people who dared to try out their big ideas. From Thomas Edison and the lightbulb to flying to the moon! Each of them had the courage to dre...

  • Cap'n Ben | Homemade Christmas Gifts

    Episode 27

    "SEA-sons greetings mateys! Come aboard the magic ship as Cap'n Ben and Pickles prepare for Christmas!

    In today's episode, Cap'n Ben and Pickles share with you all about their homemade Christmas gifts. Christmas gifts can be anything meaningful and are a good way to honor your friends and famil...

  • Cap'n Ben | How to Draw a Beach Scene

    Episode 26

    Ready to learn how to draw a beach scene?! It's time to get your creativity rockin'! Grab paper, something to draw with, and your imagination as Cap'n Ben and Pickles walk us through the steps to draw a beach scene. From a palm tree to the ocean, and even the magic ship, this episode is sure to s...

  • Cap'n Ben | The R's of Thanksgiving

    Episode 25

    Join Cap'n Ben and Pickles aboard the magic ship for a special holiday video all about the R's of Thanksgiving: remember, recall, resilience, reminisce, and more! All of these are ways that we can practice gratitude this Thanksgiving! We'll cook, reminisce, talk about gratitude and growth, and re...

  • Cap'n Ben | Wind Energy

    Episode 24

    Cap'n Ben and Pickles take a trip to Palm Springs to learn about the importance of wind energy 💨 and how it is created! In this full-length episode, we learn all about energy and the different types of renewable energy that are used to keep the Earth healthy!

  • Cap'n Ben | No Tricks, Just Treats

    Episode 23

    "Board the magic ship for No Tricks, Just Treats... well - maybe a few tricks, too!

    In this episode, we talk about all of the exciting festivities! From carving pumpkins to getting creative with our costumes. Cap'n Ben and Pickles also teach us how we can keep to the code this season, with some...

  • Cap'n Ben | Discovery and Listening Hike

    Episode 22

    "Hop aboard the Magic ship, and join Cap'n Ben and Pickles on a Discovery and Listening Hike! Cap'n Ben and Pickles took a trip to the mountains, where they learned all about the importance of slowing down and taking time to rest. They also learned the importance of leaving natural habitats the s...

  • Cap'n Ben | Be a Light Music Video

    Episode 21

    Ahoy mates! Arr ye ready for some new tunes? Music video for "Be a Light" all about the the secret mission to be a light to others! Cap'n Ben sings that we are glowing bright even in the dark night - and so much, that we have to wear sunglasses at night!

  • Cap'n Ben | Cap'n Ben goes to the Dentist!

    Episode 20

    Cap'n Ben heads to the dentist for the first time in.... a while! Join Cap and Pickles as they travel to the dentist, Cap gets his teeth cleaned and learns that the dentist isn't so scary after all, and they even learn how to floss!

  • Cap’n Ben Trailer

    Episode 0

    Cap’n Ben Trailer

  • Cap'n Ben | Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    Episode 19

    "Climb aboard the magic ship to learn pirate lingo, our favorite pirate phrases, and the history behind them. Many of these pirate phrases even remind us to keep to the captain's code!

    In this episode, ye'll be discovering historical treasures buried within classic pirate phrases like: ""Shiver...

  • Cap'n Ben | Homesick? Write a Letter

    Episode 18

    After a year of the ship's magic not working - Cap'n and Pickles finally get a signal! Watch Cap'n and Pickles navigate the feelings of being homesick while they were out to sea! "When we practice gratitude, it helps our attitude." In this episode, you will learn a great way to practice gratitud...

  • Cap'n Ben | Sorry I Messed Up (Music Video)

    Cap'n Ben | Sorry I Messed Up (Music Video)

  • Cap'n Ben | Sorry! I Broke Your Pickle Jar

    Cap'n Ben | Sorry! I Broke Your Pickle Jar

  • Cap'n Ben | Can I Tell You Something? | Nervous

    Cap'n Ben | Can I Tell You Something? | Nervous

  • Cap'n Ben | Can I Tell You Something? | Sad

    Cap'n Ben | Can I Tell You Something? | Sad

  • Cuckoo | Cap'n Ben Music Video

    Cuckoo | Cap'n Ben Music Video

  • Cap'n Ben | Squirrel Friends

    Cap'n Ben | Squirrel Friends

  • How To Mail A Letter

    How To Mail A Letter

  • Cap'n Ben | Welcome Abroad

    Cap'n Ben | Welcome Abroad

  • Cap'n Ben | Write a Good Story

    Cap'n Ben | Write a Good Story

  • Cap'n Ben | Gold Mine

    Cap'n Ben | Gold Mine

  • Cap'n Ben | Balloon Magic w Zach King

    Cap'n Ben | Balloon Magic w Zach King