Cam's Adventures (10 Videos)

  • Epic Mountain Biking

    Me and my parents go mountain biking through the EPIC Arkansas wilderness!

  • Hiking Eaton Canyon with Friends

    Come along with me on a hike through beautiful Eaton Canyon!

  • Deer Feeder

    Join me and my dad on some Arkansas adventures as we load the deer feeder! (Or is it a spaceship?)

  • AWESOME Backpacking Adventure (Part 1)

  • AWESOME Backpacking Adventure (Part 2)

  • The Stick Pick...Up

    Fun fact: living on a large piece of land sometimes means there are a lot of sticks that need to be picked up before you can mow the lawn. Second Fun Fact: Picking up sticks can actually be...FUN! Don’t believe me? Watch and see!

  • Family Cooking

    Everything is more fun when you do it with your friends and family! Come join us as we all pitch in to make an EPIC meal for everyone to enjoy!

  • Home Repairs With Dad

    With a whole bunch of free time to spare, Dad’s making some repairs around the house. I’m along for the ride, but am I working hard or hardly working???

  • Shepherding Ants

    Fire ants can do a lot of damage to a person’s home - AND to their legs! Today, Dad teaches me how to shepard ants away from the house and off to a less intrusive new home.

  • Jet Skis and Golf Carts

    Today it’s off on a jet ski adventure on the river with Dad and my friend Corie (who has never ridden a jet ski before!) Get pumped for some epic summer fun on the Arkansas River!