Bible Builds

Bible Builds

100 Episodes

Bust out your blocks and build along with us the most iconic and important stories in the entire Bible! Each episode starts with an awesome story and ends with a special prompt to build a scene from the episode using the blocks you already have in your home. So go grab your legos, link-n-logs, and whatever else you’ve got and get ready to be inspired to build while learning about the Bible. New Episodes weekly!

Bible Builds
  • Bible Builds #100 - Malta Snakes & Rome (The End)

    Episode 100

    On his way to Rome (he finally gets there, we promise!) they get sidelined in Malta for a bit. Also, can Natalie successfully tell today's story without turning into a block person? Pray for her!

  • Bible Builds #99 - The Shipwreck Episode

    Episode 99

    Paul and the passengers know the boat is going to sink... but also that God will keep them safe. Watch to see exactly how this one unfolds!

  • Bible Builds #98 - More Courtroom Drama

    Episode 98

    Natalie unfortunately gets a "block hand" again while she tells us the account of Paul going BACK TO COURT after his two years in jail. Oh, and they tried to kill Paul again, too.

  • Bible Builds #97 - Paul Rots in Jail

    Episode 97

    At the height of Paul's missionary success... he goes to jail?! For... TWO YEARS?! Find out what that's all about. Plus, watch Bobo get chased through a courtroom by a speedboat.

  • Bible Builds #96 - Paul Before the Sanhedrin

    Episode 96

    Paul gets in trouble for calling someone a bad name... and gets a special vision from Jesus that he needs to go to Rome!

  • Bible Builds #95 - Paul Walks Into Danger

    Episode 95

    It's REALLY DANGEROUS for Christians like Paul (and especially Paul!) in Jerusalem. And guess where he goes in today's episode? Yup. Jerusalem.

  • Bible Builds #94 - All-Night Sermon

    Episode 94

    Paul preaches so long into the night, that a guy falls asleep... falls out the window... AND DIES! Anyone wanna guess if a miracle is coming?

  • Bible Builds #93 - Paul's New Friends

    Episode 93

    Paul makes friends with Aquila and Priscilla, who teach Apollos about Jesus. Check out the awesome ways in which the good news about Jesus spreads!

  • Bible Builds #92 - Paul vs. The Greeks

    Episode 92

    Paul goes toe-to-toe with the Greeks, most of whom haven't heard about God before. Watch and learn how he introduces these smart philosophers to Jesus.

  • Bible Builds #91 - Earthquake! (Part 2: The Real One)

    Episode 91

    Bobo tells us what REALLY happens in the earthquake, and spoiler alert: it points to God being POWERFUL!

  • Bible Builds #90 - Earthquake!

    Episode 90

    Natalie is scheduled to tell us the "Earthquake" story, but really, really nervous about it. Think she can make it through?

  • Bible Builds #89 - Epic Road Trip Part 1

    Episode 89

    Bobo shows off our epic new block-made map to help us see just how far Paul and the other disciples traveled. You have to see it to believe it!

  • Bible Builds #88 - Paul Curses

    Episode 88

    In today's story, Paul gets VERY worked up, and... says some offensive things. Get some earplugs ready, this story is not for the faint of heart!

  • Bible Builds #87 - Jailbreak!

    Episode 87

    Bobo from Bobo PE spends his first week in Bible Builds land, and kicks off our block of stories from the Book of Acts! This story has it all-- a jailbreak, angels, and even a near-death experience!

  • Bible Builds #86 - Happily Ever After

    Episode 86

    So it seems like the path has been cleared for Ruth and Boaz to be together, and Naomi can retire in peace. But… will everything go smoothly?

  • Bible Builds #85 - Cousin Stan

    Episode 85

    Finally we meet the “Kinsmen Redeemer” (we’ve opted to call him Stan) we’ve been hearing about. Hopefully Boaz can persuade him to not marry Ruth (because Boaz wants to!)

  • Bible Builds #84 - Blessing or Death Sentence?

    Episode 84

    It’s the moment of truth… will Boaz have Ruth killed for breaking in to where he was sleeping, or will he accept her wedding proposal?

  • Bible Builds #83 - Ruth Sneaks In

    Episode 83

    Today hear the story of Ruth’s life-threatening plot to ask Boaz to marry her.

  • Bible Builds #82 - Hungry No More

    Episode 82

    Ruth and Naomi are staving off starving, but how can they make their lives even better?

  • Bible Builds #81 - Richest Guy Talks to Poorest Lady

    Episode 81

    After Ruth begins gleaning in some nearby fields, she meets maybe the most famous guy in town!

  • Bible Builds #80 - Harvest Time In Israel

    Episode 80

    Naomi and Ruth have made it back to Israel… but now what?! If they don’t think of something fast, they’ll starve!

  • Bible Builds #79 - Ruth's Decision

    Episode 79

    Get ready– here comes Ruth’s moment of truth, and some of the most famous words in the entire Bible.

  • Bible Builds #78 Times Get Tough

    Episode 78

    Our other new host Natalie picks up right where Riley left off… what are these poor women going to do now?!

  • Bible Builds #77 Enter: Ruth!

    Episode 77

    Jeff introduces us to our new chapter, our new set (with a slide!) and Riley, our awesome new host. It’s time to meet Ruth!