Arts & Crafts by Three Sisters

Arts & Crafts by Three Sisters

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HEY THERE! We're three sisters who love to make kids crafts. The only problem is we don't drive and Mom doesn't always have time to get to the craft store. So, 60% of our crafts use things around the house; toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles, cotton balls, coffee filters, popsicle sticks, egg cartons, napkins, and even empty kleenex boxes. And when we supplement, we try to use items found at a local market or $1 store.

Arts & Crafts by Three Sisters
  • How to Make Tissue Paper Flower Headbands | DIY Hair Accessories

    Episode 1

    There's no shortage of headbands or barrettes in our house. However; we sometimes have a hard time finding just the right accessory to match our outfits. Well, thanks to this DIY hair accessory, we never have that problem any more.

  • How to Make Yarn Pom Pom Cupcakes | DIY Party Decor

    Episode 2

    One of the sisters has a birthday coming up! With a cupcake theme in full swing we're making room & party decorations. Watch Kids Crafts by Three Sisters teach you how to make Cupcake Garland that looks good enough to eat.

  • Easy DIY String Art | Room Decor | Kids Crafts by Three Sisters | Gifts

    Episode 3

    Inspiration for this kids craft came from our dear friends Polly & Ally! They made beautiful wall art using nails & string and they were so pretty we tried it with yarn. Although we had a few hiccups in the video. You can learn from our mistakes.

  • Easy DIY | Christmas Party Game for Kids | Egg Carton & Golf Ball Craft

    Episode 4

    Easy DIY | Christmas Party Game for Kids | Egg Carton & Golf Ball Craft

  • DIY Christmas Decorations | Paper Plate Lollipops | Easy Christmas Craft

    Episode 5

    In this DIY tutorial Kids Crafts by Three Sisters will show you how to turn Paper Plates into Giant Lollipops. Display them in the yard for Christmas, line a sidewalk for special parties, or use them as props for photos or a play. Whatever your purpose, these over-sized lollipops are sure to be a...

  • Christmas Craft for Kids | How to Make a Magazine Angel | DIY Centerpiece

    Episode 6

    In this step by step tutorial we recycle 2 magazines into 1 beautiful Christmas Angel. This is a perfect Christmas craft for kids, a brownie or girl scout troupe. P.S. My mom remembers doing this when she was a kid, so it's our throwback craft.

  • How to Make Washer Necklaces | DIY Jewelry

    Episode 7

    Kids Crafts by Three Sisters turns everyday washers & nail polish into beautiful washer necklaces. These make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, craft shows or kids gatherings.

  • How to Make Tile Coasters | Paper Napkin Decoupage

    Episode 8

    In this tutorial Kids Crafts by Three Sisters shows you how to make ceramic tile coasters using a technique called decoupage. You'll learn how to use decorative paper napkins, Mod Podge & ceramic tiles to create beautiful gifts for teachers, hostesses and even holiday parties. Personalize your ce...

  • DIY Room Decor | How to Decorate Wood Letters

    Episode 9

    Transform wood or cardboard letters into DIY room decor. Kids Crafts by Three Sisters shows you how easy it is to personalize any letter with a little paint and scrapbook paper. Display the final result on a shelf or hot glue raffia / ribbon to the back as wall or door decor.

  • How to Make Wall Art using Toilet Paper Rolls | DIY Room Decor

    Episode 10

    We really enjoy making crafts with toilet paper rolls. In addition to upcycling what most people would consider trash, we created beautiful wall art using toilet paper rolls: butterflies, birds, flowers even a wreath.

  • How to Make DIY Fairy Jars | Night Light | No Glow Sticks

    Episode 11

    There are a lot of Fairy Jar variations on the internet and we tried a few before falling in love with this method.

  • How to Make Jellyfish from Coffee Filters - DIY Upcycle Craft

    Episode 12

    We love using items around the house for crafting. In fact, many times we find things we've saved for recycling or materials we have a ton of to create our next kids craft. In this case it was Mom & Dad's Coffee Filters!

  • How to Make a Caterpillar - Toilet Paper Roll Craft

    Episode 13

    In this cute kids craft tutorial, we recycle/upcycle empty toilet paper rolls and turn them into cute caterpillars. We made little movies with ours and even put them on a string for a funny cat toy.


    • 1 toilet t paper roll
    • Paint
    • Co...

  • Popsicle Stick Craft - Popsicle Stick Pallet Coasters Kids Craft

    Episode 14

    What dad wouldn't love a gift from the heart? How about a neat set of pallet coasters made from POPSICLE STICKS? We'll teach you how to make a pallet coaster in either a fun colorful option or vintage (rustic) stamp style. Dad is sure appreciate either one while sipping a cold or warm beverage.

  • How to Make Plastic Bottle Wind Spinners

    Episode 15

    Don't throw out those plastic water bottles. UPCYCLE them into colorful wind spinners for the yard. This craft is so easy our littlest crafter participated.

  • How to Make Popsicle Stick Bracelets

    Episode 16

    Grandma brought us a large box of Jumbo popsicle sticks (compliments of Deb) and mentioned that if we boiled them we could make popsicle stick bracelets out of them. We didn't believe it, but holy cow...she was right.

  • How to Make Fluffy Paper Plate Animals

    Episode 17

    Kids Crafts by Three Sisters (Riley, Reese & Grace) show you how to make fluffy animals from paper plates, cotton balls, paints & construction paper. Use this as inspiration to create any animal you'd like.

  • Mother's Day Craft – How To Make Egg Carton Flower Art - Handmade Gift

    Episode 18

    Watch these sisters makes adorable Flower Art out of Egg Cartons! For this craft you'll need: Egg Cartons, 8x10 Canvas, Paint, Mod Podge, Paper Straws & Buttons!

  • Kids Crafts – How to Make Yarn Orbs – DIY Room & Party Decor

    Episode 19

    Watch Kids Crafts by Three Sisters make Yarn Orbs from the following items: string (yarn), balloon, wood glue, scissors & bucket or pail.

  • Snowflake Ornaments Made from Paper Rolls

    Episode 20

    Snowflake Ornaments Made from Paper Rolls