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Arts & Crafts by Three Sisters

Arts & Crafts by Three Sisters

50 Episodes

HEY THERE! We're three sisters who love to make kids crafts. The only problem is we don't drive and Mom doesn't always have time to get to the craft store. So, 60% of our crafts use things around the house; toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles, cotton balls, coffee filters, popsicle sticks, egg cartons, napkins, and even empty kleenex boxes. And when we supplement, we try to use items found at a local market or $1 store.

Arts & Crafts by Three Sisters
  • How to Make Oobleck!

    Episode 1

  • How to Make Napkin Rings for Easter!

    Episode 2

    Today, we're making a fun, EASTER craft that will brighten up your table. We understand this is a hard time for people. Especially if you're stuck inside without access to a ton of craft supplies. Lucky for you, our Easter Napkin Ring is made using items around the house. All you need is some dir...

  • Easy Kids Mixed Media Project - Coffee Cup Art

    Episode 3

    Hello friends! Today we've made one of the most creative mixed media craft we've ever seen. It's called Coffee Cup Canvas Art! The great thing about this craft is that it plays with perspective, dimension and color. Better yet, it can be completed in about 1 hour which makes it an ideal mixed med...

  • 2 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Craft Ideas | Candy Jars & Paper Heart Chain

    Episode 4

    Hi guys! This week were getting all warm and fuzzy because Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Lucky for you were not only making one Valentine's Crafts, but 2 super easy and cool crafts to use a gifts or room decor. Friends, teachers, neighbors or family members will love this DIY Candy ...

  • Testing Fluffy Cloud Slime and Butter Slime by Compound Kings

    Episode 5

    Hi guys, in this video we are testing a ton of slimes sent to us by Compound Kings. They include grape & peach scented fluffy cloud slime as well as cookie butter & smores slime. See how these compared to our own DIY slime recipes and whether or not we thought they were truly satisfying like the ...

  • 2 Easy Snowman Ornaments for Kids | DIY Christmas Craft

    Episode 6

    Season's Greetings fellow crafters! We're back this week with 2 fun and easy snowman crafts that can be made as a classroom project or with grandma and grandpa. We'll show you how to use your fingers to to make our keepsake ornament bulb and plastic bottle caps for our recycled christmas ornament.

  • Easy Turkey Craft for Kids | Thanksgiving Classroom Project

    Episode 7

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we're super excited about this turkey craft. Made with items around the house, this kids craft is easy enough to be done in a school classroom. We used coffee filters, paper plates and construction paper to make our turkey's. And if you're kids like sci...

  • How to Make DIY Wall Art using Plastic Bottle Caps | Butterfly Kids Craft

    Episode 8

    Learn how to create this adorable butterfly kids craft using plastic bottle caps, cardboard, mod podge or hot glue gun, paint & beads. Adapt the technique to make whatever animal you'd like.

  • How to Make DIY Window Clings | Easy Craft for Kids |

    Episode 9

    We're back this week with another fun and easy craft for kids. This time we're making DIY Window Clings. Our favorite part about this project was that we already had the ingredients at home! Plus it was a nice blend of science and creativity. Teachers could do this craft in classrooms and make it...

  • How to Make Water Sponge Bombs | Camp Games and Summer Activities

    Episode 10

    Look out everyone, we're having a BOYS vs GIRLS water fight with our own DIY Sponge Bombs! These water sponge bombs were really easy to make. In fact we made ours on location at the Salt River in Arizona. Instead of water balloons that break and leave a mess, our sponge bombs are washable and rea...

  • How to Make Unicorn Bath Salts for Kids | Unicorn Craft | Bath & Body

    Episode 11

    One of our most popular YouTube videos is Kids Safe Bath Bombs, so we decided to offer another fun bath craft! However; this time we're making Unicorn Bath Salts for Kids or Tweens. These would make super cute party favors or gifts.

  • How to Make DIY Sidewalk Chalk | Spring & Summer Craft for Kids

    Episode 12

    Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. That means it time for outdoor activities! Although if you live in Arizona like us, we've been enjoying the outdoors year-round. In this fun and easy kids craft video, we'll show you how to make DIY sidewalk chalk using just 3 ingredients then...

  • Mixed Media Art for Kids or Beginners | Recycled Art by Three Sisters

    Episode 13

    You don't have to spend a lot of money to create art. In fact, this easy mixed media project is wonderful for kids or adults. Best of all, you probably have everything you need lying around the house. Who doesn't love a low cost project that teaches kids about repurposing and recycling. Ideal for...

  • How to Make Ice Circles | Easy Winter Craft for Kids

    Episode 14

    Hi guys! We have a super easy winter craft that can be made to hang on trees outside. Although we live in the Arizona, most of the country is in a deep freeze or under snow. So, why not add a little color and glisten to those bare trees with fun ice circles. All you need is food coloring, molds, ...

  • Easy Holiday Soap Gift Kids Can Make | Kids Craft | Handmade Gift

    Episode 15

    'Tis the Season! This year, we're doing much more than just giving. We're showing you how to make personalized soap as a gift for friends, neighbors, teachers and family. The supply list is short and the results are stunning. All you'll need is a quality bar of soap (hopefully organic) scrapbook ...

  • How to Make Peppermint DIY Bath Bombs | Easy Gift Ideas Kids Can Make

    Episode 16

    The holidays are right around the corner and we're kicking of the season with another bath bomb tutorial on HOW TO MAKE PEPPERMINT BATH BOMBS. In this easy to follow video, Kids Crafts by Three Sisters demonstrates two bath bomb techniques: one using orb bath bomb molds and the other using a sili...

  • Easy DIY Popsicle Bath Bombs | Summer Crafts | Kids Crafts by Three Sisters

    Episode 17

    Summer is here and we're making super cute Popsicle Bath Bombs. We're using the same bath bomb recipe we used in our previous DIY bath bomb video, but this time shaping them into popsicle molds and adding a popsicle stick. Make them patriotic by layering Red, White & Blue colors or get creative a...

  • Five Little Monkeys | Animal Crafts for Kids | DIY Toilet Paper Roll Puppet

    Episode 18

    We had so much fun this week making monkey puppets! Made from recycled items around the house, we created everything you see in the video, even the backdrop and bed! This easy kids craft can be adapted for any animal, play or song.

  • Easy DIY Feather Room Decor | How to Make a Room Mobile | Kids Craft

    Episode 19

    We LOVE room decorations! In fact, every time we enter a store we beg mom to take us to the room decor aisle. So, this week we take inspiration from in-store hanging room decor and made our own DIY Feather Room Mobile. The results were beautiful. What makes it more special is that we were able t...

  • How to Make DIY Bath Bombs | Easy Recipe! Kids Safe & Organic

    Episode 20

    In this week's DIY video. You'll learn how to make your own Organic "Kids Safe" bath bombs for a fraction of store bought bath bombs. The recipe is so easy and simple a kid could do it! Inspired by Lush bath bombs!

  • How to Make a Snow Globe Ornament | Easy DIY Christmas Craft for Kids

    Episode 21

    Learn how to make a waterless snow globe ornament using plastic ornaments from Michaels. This Christmas Craft is adaptable for kids of all ages. Children 9 and over can make the whole ornament while younger kids can easily create the half version.

  • DIY Christmas Ornament | Easy Christmas Craft for Kids | Puzzle Reindeer

    Episode 22

    Learn how to make these cute reindeer ornaments from puzzle pieces. This super easy Christmas craft is perfect for kids or adults. Make them as gifts or as a classroom project. Not only were they cheap to make, 1 puzzle box makes a ton of rudolf ornaments.

  • DIY How to Paint Rocks | The Kindness Rocks Project | Easy Kids Craft

    Episode 23

    This week we become part of a beautiful movement by participating in The Kindness Rocks Project. The principals are very simple. Paint rocks with inspiring messages or designs and leave them around the neighborhood for people to find. We've seen people get a smile on their face as they pick one u...

  • Easy Spider & Pumpkin Magnets using Cotton Balls

    Episode 24

    We're back with another original creation from Kids Crafts by Three Sisters! In this easy craft for kids, you'll learn how to make Magnets using cotton balls & plastic bottle caps.