Yonas Gets a Job!

Yonas Gets a Job!

12 Episodes

Everyone asks Yonas what he wants to be when he grows up, and that can be a pretty stressful question because, well, HE'S NINE! So what's he gonna do about it? Try ALL THE JOBS. Join Yonas and his friends as he discovers what it takes to do every sort of job from Server to Stuntman. Maybe this will be the one for him… or maybe he should just leave it to the pros.

Yonas Gets a Job!
  • Race Car Driver

    Episode 1

    Vroom vroom! The checkered flag is down and Yonas is off to the races as he meets up with his friends Nolan and Troy who show him just what it takes to be a professional race car driver!

  • Florist

    Episode 2

    It's time to stop and smell the roses! Today, Yonas visits his friend Itika at her flower shop to learn all about the colorful world of floristry!

  • Pro Skateboarder

    Episode 3

    What's an OLLIE? How do you KICKFLIP? Can you eat a STALEFISH??? EWWW! Today, Yonas will learn all of that and more as his friend Beaver teaches him all about being a professional skateboarder!

  • Cookie Baker

    Episode 4

    Today, Yonas puts his sweet tooth to the test to see if he's got what it takes to keep up with the Queen of Cookies, Maya! Will his fresh baked creations be a kitchen catastrophe or a sugary success?

  • Beekeeper

    Episode 5

    What's the buzz?! Today, Yonas's friend Danny will show us what it's like to farm bees, how honey is made and harvested, and how these important little creatures are responsible for making all of our fruits and veggies grow! Is beekeeping fun? You better BEElieve it!

  • Photographer

    Episode 6

    Smile for the camera! Today, Yonas will learn the ins and outs of photography. Watch as his friends Zach and Tara show Yonas how to compose the ideal shot, find good light, and of course, strike the perfect pose!

  • ESports Commentator

    Episode 7

    Yonas enjoys playing video games - what kid doesn't?! But today he finds out that you can actually make video games PART OF YOUR JOB! From learning the art of color commentary to nailing the ideal interview, we'll find out if a job in the world of ESports is the perfect one for him!

  • Waiter

    Episode 8

    Order up! On this episode, Yonas’ buddy Amanda gives him a (literal) crash course in food service. Can Yonas memorize an entire menu in 10 minutes? Can he carry a large tray of water glasses without spilling? Will these customers EVER be satisfied!? Tune in and find out!

  • Dog Rescuer

    Episode 9

    Go fetch! Yonas meets his friend Mikayla at a dog adoption center, where they talk all about what it’s like to be a “Dog Superhero.” Rescuing and taking care of dogs is lots of work, but Yonas is up to the task – even if it means picking up their…well…you know what…

  • Stuntman

    Episode 10

    Ever wonder how the stars of action movies do all of those crazy moves without getting hurt? In this episode, Yonas’ friend and REAL-LIFE stuntman, Tim, work on a super cool action sequence that will make you say “Keanu WHO?”

  • Fitness Instructor

    Episode 11

    Get ready to SWEAT! Join Yonas and his pal Jessie as they pump iron, pump up the jams, and pump up a class! Being a fitness instructor might be tough, but Yonas is ready for the challenge. He’s even invented his own style of wacky aerobics called YONACISE. Is the world ready? Tune in and find out!

  • Lifeguard

    Episode 12

    Yonas gets his feet wet when his friend Eddy teaches him everything it takes to be a professional lifeguard. From doing speed drills to learning CPR, to becoming an expert at wearing sweet shades, today’s lesson could be a real life-saver!