Treasure Champs

Treasure Champs

30 Episodes

A funny and warm-hearted pre-school series featuring two comedic animated characters called Barry and Kari who explore a different value, or ‘treasure’. A wide range of treasures are explored including Courage, Teamwork, Loyalty & Obedience! Each episode also includes a live action retelling of a story from the bible, plus short films about inspiring children who are living out the treasures in their daily lives.

Treasure Champs
  • Wisdom
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    Barry and Kari are very excited about going on a mini-beast hunt but have to learn from their experiences to avoid an enormous puddle! They are rewarded with a special sighting of – and tickles from – two special mini-beasts.A group of young Treasure Champs take on a maze challenge, and another ...

  • Trust
    Episode 29


    Episode 29

    Barry and Kari are throwing Thingy a surprise party, but Kari doesn’t trust Barry to help because of his disastrous attempt last time. We meet one Treasure Champ who trusts her equipment and her instructor at an indoor climbing wall, and another who puts her trust in a guide dog for the first tim...

  • Teamwork (Unity)

    Episode 1

    Barry and Kari are in the snowy hills and have disagreements about how best to build a team of Snow Champs. But a snowballing disaster forces them to work together so they create an igloo to house their growing brood of Snow Champs! We meet one Treasure Champ who shows Teamwork by helping out at...

  • Thankfulness

    Episode 27

    Barry is feeling down in the dumps because he has bumped his head, but Kari reminds him of all the things he has to be thankful for, including the time she gave him a giant strawberry and carried him in a game of dinosaurs and superheroes. Barry then delights in saying thank you for everything, i...

  • Sharing

    Episode 2

    Barry wants to play with Kari and struggles to share her with Thingy. After spoiling their fun, they come to see that sharing games together is the best way. Wilber’s favourite day of the week is Saturday because he gets to make pancakes for his brother and sister and share all the yummy topping...

  • Self-Respect

    Episode 15

    In order to celebrate their gifts, Kari is hosting a Treasure Champs talent show, but Barry needs help to see that his unique talent is worthy of a performance. Thingy’s limbo stunt and Kari’s trumpet playing and ball bouncing act go down a storm, but how will Barry’s combination of yodelling an...

  • Sacrifice

    Episode 19

    Kari has sacrificed time and energy preparing for an obstacle race in the hope of winning a trophy for her collection, but Barry hasn’t trained and struggles in the race. Kari sacrifices her chance of winning to go back and help her friend, and to say thanks Barry gives her one of his trophies, w...

  • Responsibility

    Episode 17

    Barry is about to finish the biggest domino run he has ever made, but gives Kari the responsibility to look after it while he goes to fetch the final piece. Kari’s attention waivers, and after admitting that she was at fault, she helps Barry to fulfil his ambition.

  • Respect

    Episode 20

    Barry isn’t respecting Kari’s privacy or her wish to read a book, constantly interrupting her by playing his trombone no matter where she is hiding! To make matters worse, he even uses her book as a little stage.

  • Remembering

    Episode 25

    Barry doesn’t know what to say when Kari reminisces about her grandma. But he finds some of Grandma’s old belongings for Kari to enjoy and they celebrate by throwing a party in her memory, feasting on some of Grandma’s famous Super Soup.

  • Perseverance

    Episode 14

    Kari wants to know how to windsurf like Barry and is told there’s no secret but perseverance and hard work. She falls in time and time again, but eventually gets the hang of it! They also have to persevere by building a sandcastle that keeps getting destroyed!A young Treasure Champ shows persev...

  • Peacefulness

    Episode 18

    Home has become far too noisy for Barry and Kari, so they decide to go to the countryside for some peace and quiet. But the wildlife noises, map rustles and a squeaky camera tripod mean it's no more peaceful a place!

  • Patience

    Episode 24

    Barry and Kari are trying to be patient as they wait for a shower of shooting stars to pass, but they become distracted by a faulty camera and tiredness. But playing a game to pass the time does the trick, and they are rewarded with a beautiful night-time display.

  • Obedience

    Episode 9

    Kari is convinced that the ‘no ball games’ sign doesn’t apply to her, but she learns her lesson when she accidentally hurts a flower. Barry teaches her that rules should be obeyed and are always there for a reason, so she goes to play her ball in a different area, putting up her own signs to ens...

  • Humility

    Episode 26

    Barry helps Kari get ready for her ukulele test, but when she gets top marks it goes to her head and she boasts about becoming a famous popstar. When she realises her need for humility, Barry offers to play a duet which sounds amazing!

  • Loyalty

    Episode 5

    Kari is looking forward to going rowing with Barry, but he’s changed his mind and goes to the playground instead. But it starts to rain and Barry regrets his lack of loyalty. Thankfully a gust of wind lifts Barry high into the air and plops him into Kari’s boat that is doing circles on the lake....

  • Fairness

    Episode 23

    Kari has invented a board game but is making up all the rules so that Barry has to do forfeits like being made to quack like a duck and waddle up and down a hill. Eventually she sees the error of her ways and they create a game together where they both decide on the rules.

  • Hospitality

    Episode 21

    Kari has been invited to Barry’s house for a playdate, but he becomes possessive over his toys and won’t share anything with her. Realising the error of his ways, he then goes too far in the other direction and gives Kari everything, making her feel rather overwhelmed. It’s only when Kari creates...

  • Forgiveness

    Episode 30

    Kari is reading her diary and becomes convinced that she’s a terrible friend because she’s remembering all the things she’s done wrong.

    But Barry says that he has chosen to forgive and forget those things. We follow a class full of Treasure Champs as they create a space in their playground for ...

  • Encouragement

    Episode 22

    Kari is trying to be a magician, but Barry is very discouraging of her attempts to perform tricks. Barry realises what he must do and becomes an elaborately dressed magician’s assistant to cheer her on. The result is a brilliant trick making Thingy appear from under her hat

  • Kindness

    Episode 16

    In an attempt to apologise to Kari for eating the cake she made him as a surprise, Barry tries to be kind in lots of different ways by becoming Captain Kind Kid! Even though a cake he makes for her is less than perfect, Kari loves it and sees the kindness of the gesture

  • Curiosity

    Episode 28

    Kari is fascinated by how a pinwheel moves in the wind, but all Barry is interested in is how to get to the top of a hill on his scooter! We meet one young Treasure Champ who makes her own mini-tornado in a science experiment, and another who investigates the local history of her town. Gemma tell...

  • Hard Work

    Episode 3

    Kari has been training hard for a dance competition, but Barry hasn’t at all. Can some last-minute training make him the perfect partner for Kari’s routine? We meet one Treasure Champ who is working hard to play the ukulele, and another enjoys a day out fruit picking in order to make ice cream!A...

  • Honesty

    Episode 8

    Barry denies that he’s playing with Kari’s building blocks but learns that telling lie upon lie results in people getting hurt.A pair of Treasure Champs encourage honesty in others by hosting a garage sale with an honesty box for people to put their money in, and another group enjoy games at a bi...