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Travs Travels

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Trav travels the world to bring you the best in animal facts and conservation efforts.

Travs Travels
  • Pangolin

    Episode 1

  • Walrus

    Episode 2

  • Chameleon

    Episode 3

  • Octopus

    Episode 4

  • Electric Eel

    Episode 5

  • Kangaroo

    Episode 6

  • World Lemur Day

    Episode 7

    Celebrate World Lemur Day with Trav and his friend Sehuno as they discuss all of the wonderful things that make lemurs special!

  • Toucan - Animal Facts

    Episode 8

    Is there more to an animal than a beak? Absolutely, it's not just cosmetics that make the Toucan such a cool animal. Learn about the beak and more today!

  • Red-Eared Slider - Animal Facts

    Episode 9

    Trav visits the Marlborough Public Library to learn more about Spike, the Red-Eared Slider!

  • Angora Rabbit - Animal Facts

    Episode 10

    In celebration of Easter weekend (This past weekend) Travis is hopping onto facts about the Angora Rabbit.

  • Mass Audubon's Drumlin Farm and Wildlife Sanctuary- Beekeeping

    Episode 11

    Hey There TRAVelers! Check out our latest episode where we travel to Mass Audubon's Drumlin Farm and Wildlife Sanctuary to learn more about bee behavior, beekeeping and bee conservation. Mel the beekeeper even gives us an insider look into what a beehive looks like. Put on your beesuit and Keep o...

  • Trav's Travels - Cheetah Conservation Fund

    Episode 12

    Hey There TRAVelers!

    Looks like model Trav needs another lesson from the animal kingdom. Travel with your host Trav to Namibia Africa where he learns more about the fastest living land mammal, the cheetah!

    Special thanks to Annetjie and Iggy from the Cheetah Conservation Fund as well as Mary Wo...

  • Trav's Travels- Foster Parrots

    Episode 13

    Trav Travels to Hope Valley, Rhode Island where he learns what it takes to care for parrots that have been placed in foster care after their owners were unable to care for them. Parrots are incredibly smart and live a very long time! Come learn more about this magnificent bird as Danika the sanct...

  • Cape Wildlife Center- Habitat and Design

    Episode 14

    Hey There Travelers!

    Travel with me to the Cape Wildlife Center where we learn more about animal rehabilitation. This is the first episode in a 3 - part series where the rescuers at the Cape Wildlife Center take us on a journey to learn more about what a day in the life of rescue, rehabilitation...

  • Cape Wild Life Center- Raising Animals

    Episode 15

    Next, Lynn shows us how they raise animals that have been injured in the wild. Come learn the specifics of how to raise wildlife to become strong and independent!

  • Cape Wildlife Center- Ongoing Care

    Episode 16

    In this final episode, we learn about medical care at the Cape Wildlife Center. I never knew how much individualized attention each animal gets in their journey back to rehabilitation.

  • Panamanian Golden Frog - Animal Facts

    Episode 17

    This week Trav's rockin band the Travelers heads down to Panama to headline their latest tour. While they are there, they learn about the national animal, the Panamanian golden frog. Come learn about this bright yellow poisonous amphibian and all the ways you can help protect it.

  • Camel - Animal Facts

    Episode 18

    This week's animal can trek through the desert for miles on end without water. Trucker Trav wants to learn more about how this animal can go so long without stopping! Check out our fun facts about the camel.

  • Flamingo - Animal Facts

    Episode 19

    Model Trav is sick of the mundane life on the runaway. He learns about a pink animal that seems to have everything he is looking for. Will he leave his life and join the flamingo in the wild? Learn more about this bird and all the fabulous facts that make it so special.

  • Pygmy Slow Loris - Animal Facts

    Episode 20

    The pygmy slow loris is a fascinating animal that licks their armpit when it feels threatened! Come learn more on Trav's latest Animal Facts.

  • Flying Fish - Animal Facts

    Episode 21

    Welcome aboard the flying fish airline! You can see we're going to be skimming along the water, but don't worry, the flying fish is built to do that! Learn more about their aerodynamics and more with Trav!

  • Koala - Animal Facts

    Episode 22

  • Groundhog - Animal Facts

    Episode 23

    This week Trav Travels to Pennsylvania! As the world turns to look at the most famous groundhog Trav has got you covered on all the real facts about groundhogs!

  • Animal Facts- Arctic Fox

    Episode 24

    BURRRR It"s cold in here. I said there must be an arctic fox somewhere in the snow but I can't really see it because of that incredible camouflaged coat. Learn more about the arctic fox in this episode of Trav's animal facts