Topsy Turvy (18 Videos)

  • The Prodigal Son

    Topsy, Stew and Gus bake some delicious cakes! But Gus ends up disobeying Topsy and selfishly eats a whole cake by himself. Topsy teaches the boys about grace with the story of the Prodigal Son.

  • Zacchaeus

    When Topsy goes out to run an errand, Gus and Stew end up taking her phone without asking. They end up breaking it and lying about it. When Topsy finds out, she teaches them about forgiveness with the story of Zacchaeus.

  • Good Samaritan

    Stew gets an idea to write a new song featuring his tuba! While cleaning it, Stew gets stuck inside it and tries to get help. When Gus decides not to help Stew out, Topsy reminds them of the parable of the good Samaritan who helped with enemy.

  • Easter

    Topsy hosts an Easter egg hunt for Gus and Stew! But it soons gets turned into a heated competition for finding eggs and Gus and Stew turn the fun into something sad. Topsy reminds them the real meaning of why they celebrate Easter in the first place.

  • David and Goliath

    It's cleaning time at the Topsy house! When Stew thinks he saw a monster, he runs to Gus for help. But Topsy helps him learn they can face their fears by trusting in God like David did.

  • Jesus Feeds 5000

    Topsy, Stew and Gus decide to have a picnic outside. They all get ready and Gus brings the lunch, but it’s only for himself? Topsy explains to Gus and Stew how Jesus took a small lunch to feed 5000 people.

  • Lion's Den

    Gus and Stew fin out from Topsy that they are going to be taking care of a dog. The trouble starts when she finds out that Gus is very afraid of dogs! Topsy teaches them they can be like Daniel and they don't need to be afraid.

  • Ruth

    Topsy gives Gus and Stew a few chores to do around the house. Everything comes to a halt when they get distracted and begin chasing each other around instead. It's Topsy to the rescue as she tells them about Ruth and the importance of working hard and being obedient.

  • Esther

    Stew gets his own library card and learns that Gus is actually scared of going to the library. He even has books that are way overdue and needs to return them. Topsy teaches Gus that to face his fears, he needs to do the right thing just like queen Ester.

  • Nehemiah

    When Gus and Stew accidentally break something of Topsy's, they feel bad and try to make repairs. Things don't go so well. So Topsy tries to cheer them up by telling them about Nehemia who had to trust in God to rebuild the wall.

  • Paul's Journey

    When Stew thinks he is sick, Gus tries to help but ends up making things worse. Topsy tries to tell them not to worry by telling them the story of Paul and the journey he took while trusting in God.

  • Jacob and Esau

    Stew learns a hard lesson when he is tricked by Gus to give up something he loves so he can get out of work. Topsy shares with the guys the story of Jacob and Esau and the importance of never giving up special things for the things that are temporary.

  • Adam & Eve

    When Gus and Stew play with the mixer in the kitchen, against Topsy's wishes, they make a big mess. Topsy comes back to find them hiding from her. She reminds them of Adam and Eve who did something they were not supposed to do and got in trouble.

  • Joseph

    Gus and Stew are given clues to find a special surprise Topsy has for them. But when the guys can't figure out the clues, they want to give up. Topsy tells them about Joseph and the fact that we may not always understand why things happen, but we need to trust God and follow His plan.

  • Noah

    Gus and Stew are in the garden helping Topsy plant flowers. But when a storm comes along, Gus and Stew are worried the rain may never stop and their seeds will be washed away. Topsy reminds them of the story of Noah and his family on the ark and the promise God made to never destroy the earth wi...

  • Jonah

    When Topsy gives Gus and Stew a chore to complete, they decide it would be more fun to do what they want to do instead. But when they get stuck Topsy is the only one who can free them. She teaches them a valuable lesson when she tells them about Jonah and the consequences of running from what y...

  • Moses

    When Gus needs help with a new invention, he gets Stew to assist him. Stew struggles with the tools and trying to help Gus and ends up running away. Stew finds Topy and she tells them about the story of Moses and how God uses us even when we don’t feel good enough.

  • Christmas

    Topsy, Gus and Stew are getting ready for Christmas! While decorating, Stew forgets to get presents for everyone and becomes so focused on presents that what the holiday is about. Topsy then explains to Gus and Stew the true meaning of Christmas.