This Cosmic Planet

This Cosmic Planet

4 Episodes

Come along for the ride with world-traveling surfer and amateur adventurer. Christian Yeager takes us on a 24-hour tour of some of the most incredible places on Earth! From surfing to sandcastle building – a jaunt on a jetpack to a culinary caper – there’s a lot to explore in this big ol’ world, and he's gonna see how much he can cram into ONE DAY!

This Cosmic Planet
  • This Cosmic Planet Trailer

    Episode 1

  • We Found The Two Most Cosmic Kids On The Planet

    Episode 2

    Pro-Surfer and amateur adventurer Christian Yeager takes us on a 24-hour tour of sunny San Diego, California. First stop? Surfing, of course! With the help of his friend Billy, Christian will show two super rad kids what it takes to hang ten and catch the perfect wave!

  • I Learned To Fly... No Seriously I Did!

    Episode 3

    With surfing checked off the list of must-do San Diego activities, it’s time to move from the water to the land. Join Christian and his two young buddies as they take a lesson from a pro sand sculptor and learn how to build the world’s most EPIC sandcastle. Next, watch Christian learn to FLY! Sor...

  • I Can't Believe They Ate That Burrito!

    Episode 4

    All of this adventuring sure works up an appetite! Christian and his pals head to one of San Diego’s finest burrito shops, learn about the world-famous “California Burrito,” and see if they can come up with their own crazy culinary creations to impress even the most discerning San Diegan palates!