The Yippee Show

The Yippee Show

275 Episodes

Join our hosts Cameron and Noel as they compete in wacky, CRAZY challenges! From playing songs on a foot tambourine to creating the ULTIMATE 7-layer dip, this YouTube-style show has it ALL!

The Yippee Show
  • Draw With Me

    Episode 258

    Cam & Noel lean in to "summer vibes" with this drawing challenge that has Noel describing and Cameron drawing. Hooooopefully his pic will look like the object!

  • Blindfolded Miracle Berry

    Episode 284

    First, the miracle berries make everything taste crazy... and now we're adding BLINDFOLDS!

  • Back-Words

    Episode 283

    Laugh along with Cam and Noel as they try out this brand new game!

  • Making Popsicles

    Episode 282

    Time for yummy popsicles with ingredients like blackberries... strawberries... spaghetti and GARLIC SALT?!

  • Bedtime Story

    Episode 281

    It's hard to go to sleep in the summer when in stays light so late... but HAVE NO FEAR: Cam and Noel are here to tell you a bedtime story (a very WEIRD bedtime story... with words drawn from a hat... but a bedtime story nonetheless)!

  • Marble Madness

    Episode 280

    Cam & Noel compete to build towering marble racing courses AS FAST AS THEY CAN! Any guesses as to who will win?

  • ABC Challenge

    Episode 279

    IT'S BACK! Watch as Cam and Noel (attempt to) start each new sentence with the next letter of the alphabet! As per usual, IT'S GONNA GET WEIRD!

  • Vacation Trivia!

    Episode 278

    Vacation Trivia!

  • Miracle Berry Challenge

    Episode 277

    The Miracle Berry is BACK! After trying a wide array of flavors, Cam & Noel will announce a blue ribbon winner for the best tasting item!

  • Mystery Jingle (Cam Sings)

    Episode 276

    Solving today's Mystery Jingle Challenge requires knowing what a 'marsupial' is... and Noel isn't quite sure! Will she be able to win the challenge?!

  • Sculpture Painting

    Episode 275

    PAINTING TIME! Cam and Noel paint fox and elephant figurines to look like NOT-foxes and NOT-elephants.

  • Rainbow Grilled Cheese

    Episode 274

    Does rainbow grilled cheese taste better than regular grilled cheese? Cam and Noel are about to find out.

  • Noel Pranks Cam

    Episode 273

    APRIL FOOLS! Cameron *thinks* he's guessing a Mystery Jingle object... but guess what... Noel is MAKING IT ALL UP! There's NOTHING THERE! Get ready for one of the most hilarious Yippee Show's EVER!

  • Solar Eclipse Trivia Special!

    Episode 272

    Surprise! It’s a special ECLIPSE edition of the Yippee Show! Cam and Noel answer Space-y trivia questions for the chance to eat out-of-this-world treats perfect for a solar eclipse!

  • Candy Making

    Episode 271

    Cam and Noel, take all of their leftover Easter candy and make their own “delicious” NEW candies!

  • Easter Casserole

    Episode 270

    Cadbury Eggs, beef jerky, and hot sauce??? YUM or YUCK? Cam and Noel will use these ingredients and MORE to make the ultimate Easter casserole!

  • Easter Zoom In Challenge

    Episode 269

    Empty Tombs… peeps… chocolate bunnies… these are just a few of the items Cam and Noel might have to guess in this very special Easter edition of the Zoom In/Out Challenge! Can you score more points than Cam and Noel? Play along at home!

  • March Mad-Madness Pt. 2

    Episode 268

    Orange vs. Apple... WHO WILL WIN our first (annual?) Yippee Show March Madness Showdown?! Cheer along for your favorite competitor (ahem, fruit) it's bound to be a very fruity finish!

  • March Mad-Madness Pt. 1

    Episode 267

    March Madness fun comes to the Yippee Show-- for the first time ever! Cam & Noel referee a bracket of zany competitors... can you predict the winner? This week's episode covers the prelims and semi-finals, stick around to the end when our two finalists are announced!

  • St. Patrick’s Day Zoom In Challenge

    Episode 266

    Happy (early) St. Patrick's Day, to ya! Cam and Noel are decked out in green to play this special holiday version of the Zoom In/Zoom Out Challenge. Play along and keep track of your points and see if you win as many-- OR MORE-- gold coins as our favorite hosts!

  • Spring Time Resolutions

    Episode 265

    Cam and Noel use this opportunity to catch up on their New Year’s resolutions and even set a few new ones in this super – silly, super – speedy episode!

  • Money Trivia!

    Episode 264

    How savvy are YOU about financial planning?! Find out how you compare to Cam & Noel in this Money Trivia challenge hosted by the ever-notorious Lester The Lobster!

  • Smart Phone V-day Cards

    Episode 263

    After the major "success" of using predictive text to help write Christmas cards, our dynamic duo prepare to send out valentines! And yes, they will be some of the more unusual valentines you've ever witnessed!

  • Dance Charades Revolution!

    Episode 262

    Jazz... Salsa... Ballet... Irish Step... these are just a few of the dance styles Cam & Noel must use while trying to get each other to guess clues. Dance along with them-- this one is high-energy FUN!