Face Your Fears with the Moores

Face Your Fears with the Moores

3 Episodes

Face Your Fears with the Moores
  • The Moores - Heights

    Episode 1

    We’re taking to the sky to help Sophia and Jira (but mostly Sophia!) overcome her fear of heights! This adventure was so intense we had to leave the boys at home.

  • The Moores - Dark Caves and Tight Places

    Episode 2

    Today, we face our fear of the dark as we head to the beach to check out some crazy dark caves! Later, we'll head up a mountain for some nighttime ATV adventures!

  • The Moores — Snakes

    Episode 3

    Today we visit a local reptile house to face our fears of reptiles-- but mostly just snakes! The boys are really excited about this adventure… the girls, not so much!