The Kingdom Here: On The Road

The Kingdom Here: On The Road

19 Episodes

MORE EPISDOES DROPPING IN COMING WEEKS! Hop on board with "The Kingdom Here" family worship band as they hit the open road in their RV! From the sandy shoreline of the east coast to the majestic mountains in the pacific northwest, this musical family will be singing their hearts out, capturing their family adventures on film, and sharing the goodness of God and His creation all across North America.

The Kingdom Here: On The Road
  • TKH: On The Road | Utah

    Episode 5

    Traveling from Colorado to Utah - the Anderson family camp at an Alpaca Farm, add two more National Park badges, and Selah just might be the youngest drone pilot to fly over the beautiful state of Utah!

  • TKH: On The Road | East Coast To West Coast

    Episode 1

    Get ready to join The Kingdom Here for an exciting announcement! This adventurous family of six (plus their two furry companions) is hitting the open road full-time in their RV.

  • TKH: On The Road | Mississippi

    Episode 2

    TKH has officially left for their trip. As they travel from North Carolina to Mississippi they stay overnight on a bison farm. Will they encounter any bison? They also meet up with some cousins for a beach day!

  • TKH: On The Road | Texas

    Episode 3

    TKH travels to NRS Ranch in Texas with a pit stop at "Buck-ee's" where Selah gets her first taste of Texan Salt Water Taffy.

  • TKH: On The Road | Colorado

    Episode 4

    Another day... another STATE! Plus, a chance to try Whataburger and explore God's creation even more.

  • TKH: On The Road | Christmas Special

    Episode 6

    Get your Santa hats ready because we're decking the wheels! The Anderson family is inviting you to hop on board their Christmas RV adventure, featuring festive fun like baking yummy Norwegian cookies and scouting the perfect tree at a Christmas Tree Farm.

  • TKH: On The Road | Arizona

    Episode 7

    The Kingdom Here is on the move! Follow their journey from Utah to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Will they come across a Gila monster?! What will happen when their RV accidentally runs over the drone?! Join the adventure to find out!

  • TKH: On The Road | California Part 1

    Episode 8

    The Kingdom Here made it all the way from the east coast to the west coast! Join them as they explore southern California, check out Universal Studios & get a very special behind the scenes tour of Yippee Studios!

  • TKH: On The Road | California Part 2

    Episode 10

    Moving up the California coast, The Kingdom Here wants to drive their RV rig across the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco... can they really make it without blowing off into the ocean?! Watch and see!

  • TKH: On The Road | Oregon

    Episode 11

    After exploring the magical Redwood Forest in California, The Kingdom Here makes its way to Oregon to visit Tillamook Creamery. Which scrumptious ice cream flavor will they all choose?!

  • TKH: On The Road | Washington

    Episode 12

    The Kingdom Here has arrived in Washington! Come along as they explore Mt. Rainier National Park, pick Washington cherries, and discover the city of Seattle.

  • TKH: On The Road | Montana

    Episode 13

    TKH is officially on its way back home to North Carolina! Join them as they travel back into time and explore Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota!

  • TKH: On The Road | Kentucky

    Episode 14

    Join TKH on their last adventure of the season, as they explore the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, and get to experience a life size replica of Noah's Arc!

  • TKH: On The Road | St. Augustine

    Episode 15

    The Kingdom Here is on the road AGAIN—this time in FLORIDA! Popsicles, pizza, and cannons (real ones!) are just a few things you’ll see during these action-packed first few days. Buckle up!

  • TKH: On The Road | Orlando

    Episode 16

    Travel back in time to Old Florida with The Kingdom Here, then join them for some fun (AND FREE!) things to enjoy around Orlando!

  • TKH: On The Road | Yippee Theme Song Music Video

    Episode 9

    Written by 13-year-old Gracelyn from The Kingdom Here, sing along with her and her siblings and join in the Yippee fun!

  • For You Are The Lord | The Kingdom Here

    Buckle up and join The Kingdom Here's breathtaking journey across the country, as they perform their original song “For You Are The Lord”. Filmed and recorded in the awe-inspiring sights of Utah, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, and Montana.

  • Sunrise | The Kingdom Here

    Original song written and performed by Gracelyn (13), Liam (10), & Emery (9). Filmed and recorded on Tybee Island in Georgia.

  • Joy To The World | The Kingdom Here

    An original arrangement of the song "Joy To The World"