The Garden

The Garden

7 Episodes

THE GARDEN’ is an animated program aimed at kids ages 3-8. It follows the adventures of LENNY THE LION and LUCY THE LAMB; two best friends who live and work in a SPECIAL GARDEN where anything and everything can grow! Created by Butch Hartman, creator of top Nickelodeon shows

The Garden
  • Banana Burgers

    Episode 7

    When Lenny & Lucy see that their friend Greg the Gorilla is too grumpy to
    keep any employees at his new Banana Burgers restaurant, they decide to help teach him 'The Way Of Kindness'
    The results are banana-tastic!

  • The Truth Is The Mane Thing

    Episode 1

    It’s LUCY THE LAMB’S birthday! It should be a fun time, right? Wrong! Her best friend LENNY THE LION has forgotten all about it and it seems like nothing she does can make him remember! Can Lucy find it in her heart to forgive her friend for forgetting her special day?

  • The Greatest Gift

    Episode 2

    It's Christmas in the Garden and Lenny & Lucy are all excited for the big Christmas Concert! But when the concert is in danger of being cancelled there’s only one person they can turn to for help: grumpy old Mr. Toothacher. The one man in the Garden who hates Christmas!

  • Where Your Treasure Is

    Episode 3

    Lenny and Lucy meet CAPTAIN SNAPPY, a pirate who wants tot take them on a treasure hunt! The only problem is that Snappy thinks all the treasure should be his instead of sharing with others! Can Lenny & Lucy tach him about giving before he becomes too greedy?

  • Humble Bee

    Episode 4

    Lucy becomes the new Queen of the Beehive and Lenny joins her as the Court Jester. When Lucy’s ego gets out of control it’s up to Lenny to teach her a valuable lesson about humility!

  • Cloud Nine

    Episode 5

    When Lenny is teased by an arrogant duck known as ‘The Duke’ he thinks that learning how to fly will make his life much better. It’s up to Lucy to point out all of Lenny’s great lion qualities before he flies into a dangerous situation!

  • Finding Joy

    Episode 6

    Lenny & Lucy are contestants in the Gardens annual ‘A-MAZEMENT-DAY’ contest! They have to find JOY THE JAGUAR at the center of the maze before all of the other contestants do. Only one problem: they’re lost!