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Friendship - Waukewa's Eagle / Damon and Pythias / New Friends and Old Friends

Adventures From the Book of Virtues (35 Videos) • 23m

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  • Loyalty - Yudisthira at Heaven's Gate...

    Zach enjoys birdwatching with Mr. Cleveland, but in climbing on a plaque to get up to a tree he breaks it and doesn't get why Mr. Cleveland is so worked up over it, especially when he shows confusion over why anyone would care about such an aged thing.

  • Charity - The Emerald Lizard / Mr. Straw

    Annie and Zach are saddened to see some families in town don't have any heat or warm clothes for the cold winter, and wish someone could help. Plato explains how anyone can make a difference and even tells them the story of how a monk's giving to those in need was enough reward for him throughout...

  • Self Discipline - The Golden Touch / ...

    Zach offers Annie and all the others favors for money since he wants to buy a new game and can't get an allowance-raise at home. Plato points out that wanting money too badly leads to pain, as King Midas learned in "The Golden Touch".;#=#;Family;Children;Discipline;Contentment;BOVY0006;642844