26 Episodes

Join Chris Quantum and his two best friends, Gizmo and Joy Pepper, in an adventure-packed show as they discover a mysterious device that takes you back in time on journeys throughout the Bible! Get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

  • He Is Risen!

    Episode 1

    Chris is having an argument with his mother, Phoebe, and he's displaying disrespect for her wishes. SUPERBOOK appears, and in a very special episode, takes Chris, Joy, Gizmo AND Phoebe back in time, for an encounter with Jesus' mother Mary at a most trying time, her son's crucifixion. During the ...

  • The First Christmas

    Episode 2

    Commercial Christmas mayhem reigns in the Quantum household. The Prince of Peace seems to have left this family to their own comical devices and distractions on this blessed holiday. When Chris ignores his promise to set up the nativity scene, he offhandedly says to Joy that it's just another dec...