Sing and Dance!

  • Shake a Leg!

    Jump, wiggle, shout, and dance along with this brand new jam from super cool family band, The Golly Gees! Get off your couch, grab your fam, and get ready to SHAKE A LEG!

  • Time2Dance
    1 season


    1 season

    Get ready to bust a move! Time2Dance is one part competition, one part dance battle, and all parts fun. Watch as kids from our live studio audience strut their stuff on the dance floor and earn the chance to be coached by one of our outstanding young dance coaches and compete for the coveted Time...

  • Pete & Penelope Songs

    1 season

    Sing along with all of your favorite songs from "Pete & Penelope!"

  • Firetruck Song

    Have you ever heard a firetruck siren go “wee-ooh wee-ooh” down the street? Well, now you can sing this fun song along with it! The Firetruck Song is all about the important job firemen do everyday. Sing & dance along with Danny Go!

  • Pixel Kids
    1 season

    Pixel Kids

    1 season

    Rhino is the zookeeper at Pixel Zoo. He spends his days exploring and meeting new animal friends! Some days are sunny, other days are rainy, but every day is wild! Come join the Pixel Zoo and sing-along to your favorite nursery rhymes!

  • Alina Celeste
    1 season

    Alina Celeste

    1 season

    I make music for kids, their grownups, and educators. Every week I post finger plays, lullabies, kid songs sing alongs and story songs.

  • KinToons
    1 season


    1 season

    Welcome to the world of KinToons! KinToons is about four loveable friends going on adventures and singing together through classic nursery rhymes, fables, and fairy tales and also through original stories. Meet Janet the Viking girl, Uga the flying turtle, Merle the hungry giant and Paolo the sle...

  • Time 2 Dance!

    What’s up, everybody?! Don’t just sit around while you’re home… get up and dance with me!

  • Praise Blast
    1 season

    Praise Blast

    1 season

    Fun and safe Christian music videos for kids that parents will love too!

  • Kira’s Daily Dance Moves (Day 1)

    Learn to dance with me! Follow along as I teach you some dance moves you can do at home with your family!

  • Yancy & Friends

    1 season

    Celebrate Jesus everyday! Join Yancy and friends for a praise party! Dance and sing along as Yancy and her friends celebrate some of the greatest holidays in the year and encourage us to praise the Lord!

  • Buck Howdy
    1 season

    Buck Howdy

    1 season

    Jam out with this four time Grammy nominee as he sings kid-friendly songs perfect for children of all ages.

  • Heel-Toe WOAH

    Come hang out with me as I show you a couple of fun dance moves that I'm sure you'll love! Today, we'll focus on a cool new version of The Woah and the Heel-Toe. They're super easy and totally fun!

  • English Tree TV

    1 season

    English Tree TV creates fun and original animated music videos for children and anyone learning English. Perfect for toddlers, young kids, babies, ESL/EFL students, teachers, and parents alike! We're proud to make songs and videos that both young and old can truly enjoy!

    Fun, catchy songs and ...

  • Kickin' and Wavin'

    Time for another sweet routine! Ever watch someone do "The Wave" and wonder "how do they DO that?" Well, today I'll break it down for you so you can do it too!

  • The Okee Dokee Brothers

    1 season

    As childhood friends growing up in Denver Colorado, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing were always exploring the outdoors. Now, as the Grammy Award-winning Okee Dokee Brothers, they have put this passion for the outdoors at the heart of their Americana Folk music. Joe and Justin record and perform ...

  • Do the Stanky Leg!

    Join me as I teach you an awesome beginner routine! Today, our moves will include “The Stanky Leg,” “The Dougie,” and more!

  • VeggieTales Silly Songs Remixes

    1 season

  • Rahja Fuller: House Beats and Fancy Feet

    Let’s dance in my favorite style: House! I’ll teach you some of the basics of House Dance and we’ll learn some new moves to put together an incredible dance to house beats.

  • Paws & Tales Songs

    1 season

    Jump up and join in this sing along show with your favorite woodland friends, as they learn fun and memorable biblical teachings through these songs!

  • Kira’s Daily Dance Moves (Day 4)

    Have you been enjoying learning these moves as much as I have been teaching them? I sure hope so! Get ready to put it all together for a fabulous dance combination that’s sure to get you moving and grooving!

  • The Dooley & Pals Show

    1 season

    Learn valuable lessons with Dooley and his pals that are OUT OF THIS WORLD! Explore the mysteries of the Earth with them as they find themselves in situations that teach moral and educational values with their earthling friends.

  • Come on Over
    1 season

    Come on Over

    1 season

    Express your creativity! It’s playtime with Joel and his friends! Come on over to the backyard for an extraordinary adventure filled with imagination and fun! From tin foil to paint to taking control of the moods we feel, the possibilities are endless in this backyard! So what are you waiting for...

  • Kira’s Daily Dance Moves (Day 2)

    Come check out some more awesome moves! This time, let’s put everything together with music!