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Surfing Dogs

Pets in Paradise (8 Videos) • 21m

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  • Poop Scoop

    We’ll follow Ali the Poo Princes as she rids the world of dog waste one scoop at a time, then we’ll witness how a kitten survived a hit and run with the help of a few dedicated animal lovers. Plus, everything you need to know about the German Shepherd to see if it’s right for your family, then le...

  • Frisbee Dogs

    We’ll learn the motivation behind a dog while it chases a Frisbee and how you can get yours to do the same. Then we’ll get to know a 2000 pound loveable pet that just wants his back scratched and to be fed (watch your toes). Plus, we’ll learn about living jewels that can actually live over a 100 ...

  • Skateboarding Dogs

    We meet a K9 with an obsession for a skateboard. Then we witness how the power of love turned a neglected dog’s life around for the better. We’ll also learn the origin of the Portuguese water dog, plus meet a rescued goat who becomes a loyal hiking partner.