Pete & Penelope

Pete & Penelope

16 Episodes

Join our favorite brother and sister duo, Pete & Penelope, in their ultimate treehouse where it’s always time for adventure and imagination! Together with their friends Little Fox, Lucy the Hedgehog, and Ralphie the Raccoon, their play might take them into outer space or down to the bottom of the ocean -- and all before dinnertime! This series focuses on helping kids better understand their own feelings, and develop their social skills.

Pete & Penelope
  • Pete and Penelope Get Some Mail

    Episode 1

    Siblings Pete and Penelope are so excited when they receive a special package from their Aunt Dy in the mail. But who gets to play with it first?! Meanwhile, Little Fox is fascinated by Lucy the Hedgehog’s fabulous rock collection but gets frustrated when she won’t let him play with it too. Can t...

  • The Case of the Chocolate Pudding

    Episode 2

    Pete is super excited to share his latest invention, the Space-O-Matic, with the Treehouse Gang. Nobody is more eager to play with it than Penelope. After she accidentally breaks Pete’s new invention, Penelope must decide what to do. Will she make up a story about what happened or will she tell t...

  • Let's Go Fishing!

    Episode 3

    Pete and Penelope are ready to go on their fishing trip — except there’s just one little problem. While Pete wants to bring along his latest fish-finding invention, Penelope would much rather just sit back and use good old-fashioned fishing poles. Can this brother and sister work out their differ...

  • The Gang Throws a Party

    Episode 4

    The Treehouse Gang is throwing a party! Why? Why not! But when Ralphie the Raccoon shows up to give everyone a hard time, the gang must address why Ralphie is so interested in ruining their fun!

  • Little Fox Goes Camping

    Episode 5

    It’s Camping Day at the Treehouse! Time to visit the great outdoors for a fun-filled evening under the stars. Too bad Ralphie has decided to scare Little Fox with stories about dangerous bears lurking in the woods. With a little help from their friend, Ranger Dale, the kids learn that you don’t h...

  • The Great Soapbox Derby

    Episode 6

    The world-famous Soapy Soapbox Derby has finally come to town — Pete’s dream come true! He starts to build his ideal racecar all by himself, but when the rest of the gang wants to help, Pete has a hard time recognizing the value of teamwork. Meanwhile, Ralphie is up to something sneaky as he buil...

  • Meet Wooly!

    Episode 7

    The gang is excited to meet Mr. Andrew Dale’s new friend, Wooly. But when he arrives, he looks really different than everyone was expecting, mostly because… well… he’s a sock. But as the gang soon learns, just because someone looks different on the outside, that doesn’t mean they won’t make a gre...

  • Theme Song Music Video

    Episode 8

  • Cooperation Music Video

    Episode 9

  • You Don't Have to be Big to be Brave Music Video

    Episode 10

  • The Goodbye Song Music Video

    Episode 11

  • Little Fox's Little Patience

    Episode 12

    Pete is showing Little Fox his latest build -- it may just be the coolest way to bake a cake ever invented! But can Little Fox be patient enough to wait for the cake to finish baking? It SMELLS SO GOOD!

  • Penelope's Gonna Teach Ya!

    Episode 13

    Penelope is all set to to give an art demonstration to teach us all about kindness. But when Ralphie shows up to spoil the fun, will the lesson be ruined??

  • Little Fox Learns About Growing

    Episode 14

    Little Fox is fascinated by Lucy's fabulous plant and seeds collection, and together they talk about what it takes to make a tiny sprout grow. Little Fox learns that, just like people (and foxes), what starts out as something small, can grow into something big and beautiful!

  • Lucy and Little Fox Get Rained Out!

    Episode 15

    Lucy and Little Fox have a fun day of outdoor activities planned. But, oh no! It's started to rain! Can the two friends find a way to stay inside and still have a good time?!

  • Ralphie and Little Fox Meet Some Fans

    Episode 16

    Little Fox and Ralphie leave the treehouse for the day to meet some of their adoring (and adorable) fans! Very important questions will be answered; Why should we share? What do we do when we get scared? How do you say "dinosaur" in French!?