Pete and Penelope: Treehouse Time!

Pete and Penelope: Treehouse Time!

5 Episodes

It's Treehouse Time! Join Pete, Penelope, and the rest of your favorite treehouse friends in these super fun mini-episodes, as the gang learn bite-sized lessons in patience, kindness, sharing, and more!

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Pete and Penelope: Treehouse Time!
  • Little Fox's Little Patience

    Episode 1

    Pete is showing Little Fox his latest build -- it may just be the coolest way to bake a cake ever invented! But can Little Fox be patient enough to wait for the cake to finish baking? It SMELLS SO GOOD!

  • Penelope's Gonna Teach Ya!

    Episode 2

    Penelope is all set to to give an art demonstration to teach us all about kindness. But when Ralphie shows up to spoil the fun, will the lesson be ruined??

  • Little Fox Learns About Growing

    Episode 3

    Little Fox is fascinated by Lucy's fabulous plant and seeds collection, and together they talk about what it takes to make a tiny sprout grow. Little Fox learns that, just like people (and foxes), what starts out as something small, can grow into something big and beautiful!

  • Lucy and Little Fox Get Rained Out!

    Episode 4

    Lucy and Little Fox have a fun day of outdoor activities planned. But, oh no! It's started to rain! Can the two friends find a way to stay inside and still have a good time?!

  • Ralphie and Little Fox Meet Some Fans

    Episode 5

    Little Fox and Ralphie leave the treehouse for the day to meet some of their adoring (and adorable) fans! Very important questions will be answered; Why should we share? What do we do when we get scared? How do you say "dinosaur" in French!?