16 Episodes

Learn about God’s Word with this fun group of student owls. Gus, Joy, Violet, Nora, and Twitch go on fantastic adventures and learn about God through the amazing things found in nature and revealed in God’s Word.

  • The Water

    Episode 1

    Given the task to find the Fountain of Life, the students must work together to find the right path and ultimately learn the three ways God is like water.

  • The Gift

    Episode 2

    It’s Christmas time and the owls decide to throw a birthday party for Jesus and learn three things from a Christmas gift.

  • The Sun

    Episode 3

    On the first day of class with their new teacher, the students take to the desert in search of a rare, ancient artifact. Following this mysterious tool through the desert, the owls begin to discover ways in which the sun is like God, and the students discuss the ways in which the Creator of the U...

  • The Seed

    Episode 4

    The kids make their way to Yellingstone National Park where they are given clues to discover three elements a seed needs in order to grow, and three ways they can grow in their faith.

  • The Ant

    Episode 5

    The kids must work together to accomplish their mission and learn three ways followers of Christ should be like the ant.

  • The Fruit

    Episode 6

    The professor sends the kids to an orchard to discover the fruits of the spirit.

  • The Butterfly

    Episode 7

    The kids must overcome their fear of bugs as they learn about metamorphosis and the three ways a follower of Christ is like a caterpillar.

  • The Fire

    Episode 8

    The Professor sends the owls to an ancient refinery to learn about pure gold and discover how God is like fire.

  • The Duck

    Episode 9

    The class is sent to visit an old friend of Prof. Owlisters in the Loohoosiana Swampland and learn about God’s three great gifts.

  • The Seasons

    Episode 10

    The students are sent to the season simulator to learn how the life of a believer is like the changing of the seasons.

  • The Star

    Episode 11

    The kids are getting ready for the annual Christmas pageant when they get lost and must work together to get back in time for the play.

  • The Lion

    Episode 12

    The class must return a lion cub to its family on the plains of Africa and learn three things followers of Christ can learn from the lion.

  • The Lamb

    Episode 13

    The owls can hardly contain their excitement as they help Mr. Shepherd with the annual toy drive and learn three things from the lamb.

  • The Bread

    Episode 14

    The students are sent to a bakery and must work together to make food for the needy and learn three ways God is like bread.

  • The Moon

    Episode 15

    Something strange is going on in the classroom as the class learns three ways followers of Christ are like the moon.

  • The Wind

    Episode 16

    The students must navigate to the giant windmill on the Owlutians Islands. They must overcome strong winds and stormy weather to reach their destination and find out the three ways God is like the wind.