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Watch this video and more on Yippee - Faith filled shows!

Watch this video and more on Yippee - Faith filled shows!

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Don't Stop Believing


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  • Don't Give Up On Doing Good

    Bob is fed up. His show is languishing in second place, while his cross-town rival, Guy Broccoli, is in first place and getting all kinds of attention. Bob wants his show to have first place!  Bob sees an opportunity to win by stopping Guy Broccoli from getting to his show!  Pa Grape intervenes t...

  • LarryBoy and The Angry Eyebrows Trouble

    When super-villain Awful Alvin unleashes his angry eyebrows on Bumblyburg, it is up to LarryBoy to save the city.  Ultimately even LarryBoy falls victim to the angry eyebrows effects and all seems lost for Bumblyburg with everyone arguing all the time.  Just in time  Alfred discovers a cure for a...

  • The One And Only You!

    Larry, Junior and Laura went to a parade and came back to tell all of their Veggie buddies about the marching bands, balloons and the many interesting and important people in the parade like a fireman, a policeman and even an astronaut.  Meanwhile Laura admits that she sometimes feels pretty ordi...