New VeggieTales Every Month!

New VeggieTales Every Month!

19 Episodes

Your favorite Veggies are back for more fun and adventure! Join Bob and Larry and all the other Veggies as they learn about honesty, kindness, and forgiveness together with the help of God.

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New VeggieTales Every Month!
  • Don't Give Up On Doing Good

    Episode 1

    Bob is fed up. His show is languishing in second place, while his cross-town rival, Guy Broccoli, is in first place and getting all kinds of attention. Bob wants his show to have first place!  Bob sees an opportunity to win by stopping Guy Broccoli from getting to his show!  Pa Grape intervenes t...

  • The One And Only You!

    Episode 2

    Larry, Junior and Laura went to a parade and came back to tell all of their Veggie buddies about the marching bands, balloons and the many interesting and important people in the parade like a fireman, a policeman and even an astronaut.  Meanwhile Laura admits that she sometimes feels pretty ordi...

  • The Good Shepherd

    Episode 3

    The Veggies are asked to perform for Mr. Nezzer’s mother who is visiting. Performing her favorite story of David and Goliath seems the perfect fit. Mr. Nezzer keeps interfering with the show rehearsal and causes a blackout in the theater. The Veggies are completely in the dark and feeling afraid!...


    Episode 4

    Larry is learning a lesson in generosity! After he brings in enough donuts for everyone and doesn't want to share, the Veggie crew tells the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 and how we can live a life of abundance when we trust in God!

  • Samson's Bad Hair Day

    Episode 5

    Mr. Lunt has been growing out his hair which gives him the perfect opportunity to star as Samson in the new play for Mr. Nezzar’s theater.  Bob thinks it’s the perfect idea for learning a lesson on self-control.   The problem is, Samson broke all of his promises and ended up not being very self-c...

  • A Tale of True Courage

    Episode 6

    When Madame Blueberry develops a bad case of the hiccups, the opera she is set to preform is called off. Callie, a cauliflower with a flowery voice would be the perfect substitution if not for her terrible stage fright. The Veggie crew hears the story of Nehemiah’s bravery and while  Callie watch...

  • The Wonderfulness of Wisdom

    Episode 7

    Excited about his new smart phone, Larry believes access to more knowledge will solve all his problems. Pa Grape and Blueberry suggest there might be something even more important than knowledge - wisdom.  Dr. Flurry demonstrates the difference between knowledge and wisdom with an animal show sta...

  • LarryBoy and the Cape-Coat Caper

    Episode 8

    When LarryBoy’s biggest super-fan, Callie Flower, accidentally wrecks the LarryMobile, she makes a not-so-good choice and lies, making up a story about how the accident happened.  Callie’s lie causes trouble for LarryBoy and the residents of Bumblyburg lose faith in their superhero.  Callie sees ...

  • Being Gentle Makes You Great

    Episode 9

    Jimmy and Jerry Gourd have ruined some of the Veggie show costumes by washing them on the heavy duty, extra-hard cycle. Bob is awfully frustrated and he is not gentle with his reply to Jimmy and Jerry. But they were only trying to help! It makes for a good time for a lesson about gentle actions ...

  • Little Things Matter

    Episode 10

    Madame Blueberry is upset that Junior failed to water her prized plant while she was out of town. Junior told her that he would water her prized plants! Junior thought it was no big deal, since it was just a plant. So Pa Grape and Archie teach Junior the importance of being faithful to what yo...

  • When Being Good Means Giving Up

    Episode 11

    Larry is ready to give up on being "good" when an act of goodness makes him miss out on new collectible toy he really wants. Lunt tries and fails to solve Larry's problem with a new product, "Mr.Lunt's Robot Call," then Pa Grape steps in and tells a Western version of the parable of the Foolish R...

  • A ShakeSparagus Play

    Episode 12

    The famous playwright, ShakeSparagus, wants Larry to star in his next play. All is not well and doesn’t end well when being the star goes to Larry’s head. That’s when Bob decides that Larry needs to learn a lesson about humility. The Veggies reenact the biblical story of King Nebuchadnezzar who...

  • It's Cool to be Kind

    Episode 13

    Bob & Larry want to make the world a better place. They want to do big and important things that people will notice! In trying to do good and big things, they’ve ignored what are sometimes the simple and small things – like being kind to others. Pa Grape steps in and shares the story of Peter a...

  • Patience Takes Practice

    Episode 14

    Larry has a great idea for an upcoming show: the story of the Wright Brothers and their invention of the airplane. Larry loves airplanes! Bob likes the idea a lot but he gets terribly impatient with everyone while putting together the show. Bob’s can’t wait attitude creates all kinds of chaos and...

  • The Power of Love

    Episode 15

    Laura Carrot declares she’s in love and is showing some of the craziest symptoms. She can’t eat or sleep and she says that her life will never be the same. Is that what love is? It’s through the Biblical romance of Ruth and Boaz that the Veggie crew learns about the kind of love that is powerful...

  • A Lifetime Supply of Joy

    Episode 16

    Larry the Cucumber is a finalist to receive a lifetime supply of Doodle-Whoppers Cookies! Now he can finally be happy! But when Junior Asparagus is revealed as the other finalist, Bob determines that both veggie friends need a lesson in the true meaning of “joy” — happiness that lasts. Bob rallie...

  • God Wants Us to Make Peace

    Episode 17

    Bob is very excited about his new idea for a Veggie show and is quite sure that the only way for a good show to happen is for Bob to put himself and his ideas first. The rest of the Veggie crew audition for the show with all kinds of fun ideas but not surprisingly Bob’s me first attitude causes...

  • The Best Christmas Gift

    Episode 18

    Bob the Tomato directs his first Christmas special at the new VeggieTales Theater. But when he receives a letter from a young fan who's having a difficult holiday season, Bob begins to wonder what's the point of celebrating Christmas when so much is wrong in the world? Larry and the rest of the ...

  • New VeggieTales Every Month!

    Episode 19