Mustard Pancakes

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    One night while Courtney is out, Mo, Tiny Tina, Mr. D, and Oogleberry decide to form a musical band. Tiny Tina uses Courtney’s guitar without permission. Soon there is an accident and the guitar is broken. The whole gang decides not to tell or say anything to Courtney. They learn that it is a...

  • A Case of Cold Paws

    Courtney’s friend has invited the whole family to go on a trip to visit Florida. It’s so exciting and everyone starts to pack and get ready for the big trip. At first, Oogleberry is just as happy as the others but he soon realizes it means leaving home and things behind. Oogleberry learns that...

  • Fantastic Friday

    Mo is very excited because it’s Fantastic Friday. The gang learns about Mo’s holiday and how to celebrate it. Everyone enjoys learning, sharing and celebrating the new holiday.

  • The Lost Treasure of Nowhere Island

    Everyone is bored. Courtney decides to share her box of childhood treasures and to teach everyone a new game to play. Tiny Tina and Mr. D get into an argument. They learn that games are games but friendships are forever.

  • Who’s The Boss?

    After Tiny Tina wins another round of “Simon Says”, Courtney finds a contest for the gang to enter. The gang prepares to write out their entry but pretty soon the situation changes to “Tiny Tina Says”. Tiny Tina realizes that she can’t force the others to do things her way. Everyone has their o...

  • Copy Dog

    Mo thinks she is boring. She decides that Mr. D is not boring and she begins to copy everything he does. Courtney and the others find Mo’s behavior strange. Mo learns that everyone is special in their own way.

  • Mr. D’s Lucky Day

    Mr. D wins a robot! Everyone wants to play with the new toy but Mr. D doesn’t want to share it. Before long, Mr. D realizes he has pushed all his friends away and that the robot can’t replace them. He learns it is more fun to share your things with friends.

  • The Case of the Missing Story Spinner

    There is a real life mystery in the house! The Story Spinner is missing! Mo and Tiny Tina start their investigation and uncover clues. Courtney, Mr. D and Oogleberry help with the case. Together they make a surprising discovery!

  • United We Stand, Divine-ed We Fall

    The gang works together to set up a lemonade stand to raise money for Tiny Tina’s dance class. All the tasks are divided and everyone works hard to do their part, everyone but Mr. D! Mr. D realizes that by not helping he has let his friends down and he learns how important teamwork is.