Mustard Pancakes

Mustard Pancakes

33 Episodes

MUSTARD PANCAKES celebrates the joy of childhood through the power of music, storytelling and appealing characters. The series invites viewers three - to six-years-old into a nurturing environment where characters support each other's growth and work together to overcome the day-to-day challenges all children face. MUSTARD PANCAKES features the lovable and funny Courtney Campbell and a family of fun-loving puppets including three dogs - Oogleberry Ink Dog, Tiny Tina Ten Toes and Mo - and the lone cat, Mr. D. Campbell, a gifted storyteller, songwriter, guitarist and comedienne, provides a lively forum in which her pets grow emotionally and solve their own problems under her tender and wise guidance.

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Mustard Pancakes
  • Mustard Pancakes

    Episode 1

    Mo finds Courtney's lost camera, but Mr. D takes the credit. After her trip away, Courtney is so happy to be home with the others and to have her camera back. Oogleberry takes a family photo. Later Courtney notices that there is something wrong with the family photo.

  • See How the Garden Grows

    Episode 2

    Courtney starts cooking a special dinner for her brother Johnny. But then Johnny calls and can't make it. Courtney is very disappointed. Oogleberry and the others pitch in to make a special dinner for Courtney to make her feel better.

  • Oogleberry Ink Dog

    Episode 3

    Mr. D doesn't accept any help from Tiny Tina in dancing. Meanwhile, Oogleberry gets sprayed by a skunk. Oogleberry is embarrassed by the smell and is afraid to ask for help. Everyone realizes that when people help you it is another way of showing that they love you.

  • Tongue Twister

    Episode 4

    While Courtney and Tiny Tina are away at the vet, Dr. Schmeltz, for a check up, Mr. D tricks Mo into doing something. He learns that playing tricks on people is not a good thing to do. Also, Mr. D finds out that telling the truth is much better than making excuses.

  • A Suitcase for Mr. D

    Episode 5

    Mr. D is fed up with gang and seizes the opportunity to visit his former owners (believing it to be a better home) and starts packing. The others soon realize they don't want Mr. D to leave, and Mr. D comes to realize he is already in the best place he could be, at Courtney's home with his friends.

  • Jumpin’ Jake’s Song

    Episode 6

    On a rainy day, Mr. D gets accidentally locked outside in the rain. After trying to get their attention inside the house, Mr. D is finally rescued from the rain. Later, the doors get stuck again, but this time Mr. D is inside dancing to loud music while Courtney and the others try to get his at...

  • The Dancing Princess

    Episode 7

    Everyone is settled into an inside activity on this windy day. Oogleberry is painting, Mo is playing with a ball, Mr. D is doing a jigsaw puzzle, Tiny Tina is dancing, and Courtney is reading. But Tina's dancing disrupts everybody else's activities.

  • Red Raincoat

    Episode 8

    Courtney and the gang make pizza! Courtney and Mo remember the great cooking of the DiNatale's, Mo's first family. They find out you can lean to respect each other's differences and tastes. Also, working together is a really good thing and can bring great results.

  • Tap, Tap, Tap

    Episode 9

    A loud tapping sound is heard throughout the house. Soon Courtney and the others discover its Oogleberry, constructing his new invention, an automatic kibble dispenser. Mo, Tina and Mr. D set out on their on creative invention. Everyone gets frustrated when their inventions don't work. Courtn...

  • The Camel With The Runny Nose

    Episode 10

    It is the day for the special picnic. Mr. D, Mo, Tina and Oogleberry get everything ready. Courtney's too sick for a picnic. As Courtney naps, Tina has the idea to have the picnic in the living room. The indoor picnic is a hit with everyone, including Courtney.

  • We Are All Together

    Episode 11

    Everyone is busy cleaning and checking off chores as they prepare for Courtney to come home from her trip. The gang all have gifts for Courtney, too. Courtney arrives home but is overwhelmed by the bickering of the gang. Each wants to go first.

  • Oogleberry’s Bad Dream

    Episode 12

    Courtney goes on a trip and Oogleberry Ink Dog really misses her. He learns that he can make himself feel better while awaiting her return, by being with friends, playing music and games.

  • The Cake Incident

    Episode 13

    Mo bakes a cake and Tiny Tina is afraid to admit she accidentally ruined it. Tiny Tina realizes that if she does something wrong she needs to tell the truth about it.

  • Mr. D’s Nose

    Episode 14

    Mr. D has a strange bump on his nose and the others begin to treat him differently. They learn it’s important to stop and think about how another person feels.

  • Tiny Tina Had a Great Fall

    Episode 15

    Tiny Tina falls off a fence and breaks her leg. She learns that although she can’t do things the way she normally would, she can find inventive, fun ways to approach tasks.

  • Oogleberry’s Got The Blues

    Episode 16

    Oogleberry Ink Dog takes a magazine test about what makes good friends. While the others are secretly planning a surprise for Oogleberry, he mistakenly thinks they are not being good friends. He discovers that if someone hurts his feelings the best thing to do is talk to them about it.

  • Adventures in Plant Sitting

    Episode 17

    Mo promises to take care of a plant and learns that if you say you are going to take care of something you need to do just that.

  • My Name Is Mo

    Episode 18

    Everyone is calling Mo different names and she doesn’t like it. After Mo let’s her feelings be known, the gang discovers the very best name to call someone is their own.

  • Forever Mr. D

    Episode 19

    Mr. D keeps making mistakes on “fix it day”, and eventually loses his self-confidence. He realizes that he must always believe in himself…and in the end he will succeed.

  • The Odd Cat Out

    Episode 20

    It’s a Dog versus Cat thing. Everyone is different and that’s okay.

  • Oogleberry’s Identity Crisis

    Episode 21

    Everyone at Courtney’s house is cooking a special dinner with dishes from their former homes. Oogleberry feels he has nothing to contribute. He realizes that it is important to be proud of who he is, no matter what.

  • Dear Diary

    Episode 22

    Oogleberry loses his diary and the others find it. They think about reading it in secret before giving it back to Oogleberry. They realize that a diary is private and that it is important to act honestly.

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T

    Episode 23

    One night while Courtney is out, Mo, Tiny Tina, Mr. D, and Oogleberry decide to form a musical band. Tiny Tina uses Courtney’s guitar without permission. Soon there is an accident and the guitar is broken. The whole gang decides not to tell or say anything to Courtney. They learn that it is a...

  • Walk A Mile In My Paws

    Episode 24

    Tiny Tina and Courtney go on a trip together. Mr. D, Mo, and Oogleberry feel left out and they become jealous of Tiny Tina’s special time with Courtney. They learn that everyone gets to do special things at different times.