Mother's Day: For Mom, with Mom

  • Sweet as Honey

    Alyssa hosts a family tea party where honey is the central ingredient. Later Jeff joins for a fun lesson about why the Bible describes God’s word as being ‘sweeter than honey.’ The day ends with a special visit to a foggy forest above the clouds!

  • I Love My Mom (Mother’s Day)

  • #3 - Mommy Nearest

    What’s this?! Lizardo is acting BIZZARDO! Will he still be himself enough to help Super Dan save St. Lawrence from the dastardly machinations of Dr. Barbara Valentine? Tune in, and find out!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 11 | Hannah's Story

    Look into the story of Hannah, who turned to God in prayer when she was feeling alone and afraid. God loves a bold prayer or two, and He loves to see them through – just like He did in Hannah’s life!

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 19 | Mary’s Story

    God had a plan for Mary – she was to be the mother of Jesus! Watch this story to see how God favoured and protected her for her to take on the very important task that was given to her.

  • Born To Be Fearless | Episode 9 | Ruth's Story

    Learn about Ruth, who made God her place of safety. Her fearlessness in God also carries a beautiful story of God’s redemption in her family!

  • Backseat Drivers

    1 season

    Backseat Drivers is the world’s first car show for kids, with kid hosts Cam, Remy, and Jack in the driver’s seat! What would happen if you turned a 500HP Alfa Romeo into a pizza delivery car? Or raced a school bus and a minivan? Watch to find out!

  • Making a Gift for Mother’s Day!

    Moms are AWESOME! Especially MY mom (OK, maybe I'm a little biased)! Come hang out with me as I show you how to make a super easy, really fun photo album to celebrate moms and all they do for us.

  • The Read It Then Make It Show

    First we read it, now we're gonna make it! Hosted by crafter and children's book author Samantha, this show combines a passion for reading with a love of crafting. In each episode, we will read a fabulous kids' book, and then do a craft inspired by the story. Fabulous stories and fun crafts, sure...

  • The Bethkes #7 - Hawaiian Chef

    It’s Boys Vs. Girls for tonight’s epic Hawaiian Chef competition! Who will win? The decision lies in the hands of two surprise judges.

  • #114 - Mary, Mother of Jesus

  • #9 Trust - Story of Sarah

    Sarah had a hard time trusting God… but the Lord shows he is worthy of our trust.

  • Mother's Day

    It tells the story of how Ruth became the wife of Boaz; and her mother Naomi.

  • EP. 35 DIY | How to Make a Flower Pot Photo Gift | Mother's Day Kids Craft

  • Mother's Day Craft – How To Make Egg Carton Flower Art - Handmade Gift

    Watch these sisters makes adorable Flower Art out of Egg Cartons! For this craft you'll need: Egg Cartons, 8x10 Canvas, Paint, Mod Podge, Paper Straws & Buttons!

  • The Angel Speaks to Mary

    An angel’s visit to Mary is quite alarming. But even more alarming is the message the angel brings. Is Mary ready for such big news? Mary and Elizabeth - Life isn’t easy for Mary the expectant mother. But her visit with her relative, Elizabeth, helps lighten her spirit. Jesus Is Born - Late one n...

  • Loyalty - Yudisthira at Heaven's Gate / The Cap That Mother Made / Queen Esther

    Zach enjoys birdwatching with Mr. Cleveland, but in climbing on a plaque to get up to a tree he breaks it and doesn't get why Mr. Cleveland is so worked up over it, especially when he shows confusion over why anyone would care about such an aged thing.

  • The Respect Effect / Sharing is Caring

    Marcus makes false promises and is rude to his parents. David realizes that Marcus is but a bad influence and decides not to act like Marcus.

    Twin sisters, June and January, like to argue and when January is hurt on the backyard swing-set, they learn loving each other is more important.

  • Mustard Pancakes

    Mo finds Courtney's lost camera, but Mr. D takes the credit. After her trip away, Courtney is so happy to be home with the others and to have her camera back. Oogleberry takes a family photo. Later Courtney notices that there is something wrong with the family photo.

  • Sergent Murphy's Day Off / The German Chimney Sweep / The Sleeping Car Adventure

    Sergeant Murphy's got the day planned - a drive and a picnic in the country with his family. But the phone rings, and after that, lots of Busytown emergencies. Sergeant Murphy ends up working his whole day off, but lucky him, the whole town pitches in to throw Sergeant Murphy a surprise picnic si...

  • Hat Pie / Hans The Dutch Plumber / Hilda's Romantic Tea Party

    After Sally, Lowly, and Huckle help Mother Cat make an apple pie, Lowly's yodeler hat is missing. Lowly and Huckle team up with the missing hat expert, Mr. Frumble, and they look high and low but can't find Lowly's hat anywhere. When everyone finally sits down to enjoy the apple pie, Mr. Frumble ...