Mickey's Farm

Mickey's Farm

115 Episodes

Learn some new things from a curious new dog in town, Mickey! He always seems to be getting himself into difficult situations but resolves them with the help of his new farm friends. Join him as he experiences and learns all the wonderful things on the farm!

Mickey's Farm
  • Swimming

    Episode 1

    Mickey sees his duck friends in the pond and wants to play with them only to discover he’s afraid of the water. Megan and Doug the Dog show Mickey all the different animals that love to swim – even Doug the Dog.

  • Rain
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    On a wet, rainy day, Mickey is thankful that his fur keeps him warm but is worried about the unprotected plants, so he sets out to keep them warm and dry. Megan and Chris the Corn Stalk teach him about plants and how they love the water.

  • Recital

    Episode 3

    When Mickey sits outside the window and sings along with a boy playing the piano inside, the boy shuts the window so Mickey can’t hear him play. Megan and Penelope the Piano teach Mickey the importance of practice time.

  • Ant Hill

    Episode 4

    Mickey unwittingly gets too close to an ant hill and experiences a troublesome tickling sensation. Megan and Ally the Ant show Mickey where the ants live and why they made him so ticklish.

  • Beaver

    Episode 5

    Mickey goes to play with his rubber ducky in the river and is surprised to see lots of trees in the water. Megan and Bruno the Beaver explain how the trees got in the water and why they are there.

  • Broken Eggs

    Episode 6

    Mickey goes searching for a friend to play with, finds a chick with some broken eggshells on its head, and thinks he has to put the eggshells back together. Megan and Chelsea the Chicken teach Mickey about how eggs hatch.

  • Christmas Tree

    Episode 7

    Mickey thinks Megan got him a new ball for Christmas and goes snooping for it, but ends up making a big mess around the Christmas tree. Megan and the Connie the Christmas Tree teach Mickey why snooping for presents isn’t a good idea.

  • Clouds

    Episode 8

    Mickey decides to spend the day chasing clouds and guessing what they look like, but he has a little trouble keeping up with them. Megan and Cleo the Cloud show Mickey how the clouds are able to move so fast.

  • Crab
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    Mickey goes to the beach to collect some rocks and finds himself chasing some runaway seaweed. Megan and Camilla the Crab teach Mickey about how crabs enjoy finding all kinds of hiding places.

  • Cricket

    Episode 10

    Mickey searches for a quiet place to take a nap but is disturbed by something making a very loud noise. Megan and Calvin the Cricket show Mickey how crickets like to hide in the grass and chirp.

  • Donkey
    Episode 11


    Episode 11

    Mickey sets out to help his friend hear all the different sounds on the farm and finds a horse who he tries to teach his how to neigh when the horse begins making strange laughing sounds. Megan and Duncan the Donkey teach Mickey how donkeys bray.

  • Echorabbit

    Episode 12

    Mickey tries to pull a rabbit out of a hat and worries that he broke Megan’s magic wand when the magic trick doesn’t work. Megan and Rani the Magic Rabbit teach Mickey that practice makes perfect and make a little magic of their own.

  • Easter Egg Hunt

    Episode 13

    While on an Easter egg hunt, Mickey makes a robin a little upset when he takes one her blue eggs. Megan and Rhonda the Robin teach Mickey about the difference between Easter eggs and robin eggs.

  • Frozen Duck Pond

    Episode 14

    Mickey goes to play with his duck friends but is surprised to see they’re all gone and the pond is covered in ice. Megan and Danny the Duck assure Mickey that the ducks will be back when the winter is over.

  • Glasses

    Episode 15

    Mickey thinks Megan looks great in her new glasses and decides to find some glasses for himself and his farm friends. Megan and Parker the Pig teach Mickey about why some people need glasses and some don’t.

  • Honeybee

    Episode 16

    Mickey thinks he sees a strange fly bothering all the flowers. Megan and Betty the Honey Bee show Mickey how bees collect nectar for making honey.

  • Iceberg

    Episode 17

    Mickey wanders to the beach and sees a mysterious, snow-covered island that disappears when he goes to find some friends to show it to. Megan and Patti the Polar Bear teach Mickey about icebergs and where they come from.

  • Jack O' Lantern

    Episode 18

    Mickey goes searching for a Halloween costume and thinks he found the perfect one, but he can’t seem to get the strange vegetable with a face onto his head. Megan and Jimmy the Jack-o’-Lantern show Mickey why he needs to find a different costume.

  • Kite
    Episode 19


    Episode 19

    Mickey tries to fly Megan’s kite on a calm day and doesn’t understand why he can’t get it to fly. Megan and Kari the Kite show Mickey how it’s always best to fly kites on windy days.

  • Moose
    Episode 20


    Episode 20

    Mickey sees some funny-looking branches moving through the forest and worries that the trees might leave the farm and take Megan’s tree house. Megan and Milton the Moose teach Mickey all about antlers.

  • Newfoundland Dog

    Episode 21

    Mickey befriends a big, black dog at the local town harbour and tries to play hide-and-seek but gets a little upset when a fishing boat leaves with his new friend on board. Megan and Nelson the Newfoundland dog show Mickey how some dogs have important jobs to do.

  • Owl
    Episode 22


    Episode 22

    Mickey was kept awake all night by a strange sound and sets out to investigate where it was coming from. Megan and Otis the Owl teach Mickey that some animals stay up all night and sleep all day.

  • Puppy
    Episode 23


    Episode 23

    Mickey tries to play with a puppy and doesn’t understand why the puppy only wants to make a big mess. Megan and Madelaine the Motherly Dog show Mickey why puppies need to be taught how to play.

  • Racehorse

    Episode 24

    Mickey sees the farmer cleaning a horse’s shoes and goes in search of some shoes that will help him run faster. Megan and Rocket the Racehorse show Mickey why some horses need horseshoes and why dogs don’t need any shoes at all.