Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee



Up Next in Season 1

  • Fire Truck

    When Mickey follows a Dalmatian to a fire station and gets shooed away, he decides to dress up like a spotted dog but still doesn't have any luck getting into the fire station. Megan and Dooly the Dalmatian show Mickey why Dalmatians are sometimes found in fire stations.

  • Sprinkler

    Mickey looks for a good spot to lie down and watch the clouds, but every time he finds one he gets wet with a sprinkler. Megan and Florence the Flower teach Mickey why sprinklers are all over the farm.

  • Pigeon

    Mickey goes to fill the bird feeder and sees a bird that sounds like a pigeon but isn’t grey like most pigeons he’s seen, so he assumes the bird feed caused her to change colour. Megan and Amelia the Archangel Pigeon show Mickey that not all pigeons are grey.