Watch this video and more on Yippee

Watch this video and more on Yippee



Up Next in Season 1

  • Broken Eggs

    Mickey goes searching for a friend to play with, finds a chick with some broken eggshells on its head, and thinks he has to put the eggshells back together. Megan and Chelsea the Chicken teach Mickey about how eggs hatch.

  • Christmas Tree

    Mickey thinks Megan got him a new ball for Christmas and goes snooping for it, but ends up making a big mess around the Christmas tree. Megan and the Connie the Christmas Tree teach Mickey why snooping for presents isn’t a good idea.

  • Clouds

    Mickey decides to spend the day chasing clouds and guessing what they look like, but he has a little trouble keeping up with them. Megan and Cleo the Cloud show Mickey how the clouds are able to move so fast.