Mickey's Farm (115 Videos)

  • Donkey

    Mickey sets out to help his friend hear all the different sounds on the farm and finds a horse who he tries to teach his how to neigh when the horse begins making strange laughing sounds. Megan and Duncan the Donkey teach Mickey how donkeys bray.

  • Tractor

    Mickey sees a fantastic machine that reminds him of a car and wants to go for ride, but he doesn’t understand why the farmer won’t take him for one. Megan and Timmy the Tractor show Mickey what a tractor does and why he shouldn’t ride on it.

  • Frog

    Mickey investigates a strange noise but accidentally knocks Megan’s fresh laundry on the ground before he can solve the mystery. Then one of the shirts hops away! Megan and Fred the Frog help Mickey solve the mystery.

  • Pig

    Mickey is happy to share his chew toy with his new pig friend, but he’s not so happy when the pig runs away with it. Megan introduces Mickey to Pete the Pig who shows Mickey what he was doing with the toy and why.

  • Spider

    Fiona’s having a party and Mickey wants to bring her a toy, but he accidentally ruins a spider’s web while looking for his ball. Megan introduces him to Sophia the Spider and they save the day.

  • Pinecones

    Mickey wants to help the trees when they start dropping little weird-shaped brown things on the ground. Megan and Penelope the Pine Tree show Mickey what those brown things are and why it’s really important that trees drop them.

  • Litter

    Mickey comes across some garbage and determines to give the back yard a good cleaning, but does his job a little too well and cleans up everything – including Megan’s toys and tools. Megan and Gary the Garbage Pail show Mickey what does and doesn’t belong in the garbage.

  • Milk

    Mickey finds a delicious bucket of fresh milk, but when a “great big beast” tries to take it from him he sets out to rescue the milk. Megan and Chloe the Cow show Mickey that the “beast” just wanted to share the milk.

  • Horse

    Mickey meets Megan’s new horse and thinks the horse is way cooler than he is, so he decides he wants to be more like the horse. Megan and Harry the Horse show Mickey there are many ways to be cool.

  • Chocolate Milk

    Mickey goes searching for the cow that makes chocolate milk and doesn’t have much luck finding it. Megan and Carly the Brown Cow show Mickey where chocolate milk really comes from.

  • Bull

    Megan’s lost her hat and Mickey sets out to find it, which he does: right on the horn of a big bull! Megan and Bartholomew the Bull help Mickey figure out how the hat got there and how Mickey can get it back for Megan.

  • Plow

    Mickey is very alarmed when he sees the farmer riding a machine with big claws that seems to be tearing up the land. Megan and Pauly the Plow explain what the machine is doing and why.

  • Moose

    Mickey sees some funny-looking branches moving through the forest and worries that the trees might leave the farm and take Megan’s tree house. Megan and Milton the Moose teach Mickey all about antlers.

  • Rabbit

    Mickey plays a fun game with a rabbit but gets worried when the rabbit disappears. Megan and Rishi the Rabbit show Mickey exactly how he vanished.

  • Glasses

    Mickey thinks Megan looks great in her new glasses and decides to find some glasses for himself and his farm friends. Megan and Parker the Pig teach Mickey about why some people need glasses and some don’t.

  • Leaves

    As it gets colder and the leaves change colour, Mickey worries that he might change colour too. Megan and Mable the Maple Tree teach him about the changing of the seasons.

  • Chick

    Mickey plays with a new friend he thinks is a Meep, but Mickey didn’t ask the Meep’s mother if it was okay first. Megan introduces him to the mother and he learns what kind of animal Meep really is.

  • Duck

    When Mickey tries to make friends with some funny-looking birds on the pond, they just run away from him. Megan shows him what kind of birds they are, and Deke the Duck tells him the best way to make new friends.

  • Wagon

    Mickey wants to go for a wagon ride, but despite all his urging, the horse won’t pull the wagon. Megan and Howie the Horse teach Mickey the magic words to get a horse to move and stop.

  • Weather Vane

    During a game of hide and seek, a funny-looking thing with an arrow that sits on top of the barn keeps pointing Mickey in the wrong direction. Megan and Wanda the Wind help Mickey figure out how a weather vane works.

  • Cowbell

    Mickey is looking and listening for the new wind chime he and Megan hung in a tree yesterday. He hears what he believes to be more wind chimes in the cow field - but there are no wind chimes in sight. Carly the Cow explains that Mickey heard cowbells. The cows wear the bells so the farmer knows ...

  • Market

    When Mickey comes across a huge load of vegetables on the side of the road, he worries that they must be lost and decides to bring them to the supermarket. Megan and Katrina the Carrot show him an even better place for the veggies.

  • Tomatoes

    Mickey accidentally knocks over a bunch of tomatoes and they all roll down a hill. He retrieves them all but one. Megan and Greg the Ground Hog help Mickey figure out what happened to the missing tomato.

  • Goldfish

    Mickey finds a goldfish in a bowl inside the farmhouse. He believes the fish must be lost since he's only ever seen fish living in the pond. But Gary the Goldfish explains that he's a house pet and that he loves living inside his fishbowl.