Little Smart Planet

Little Smart Planet

53 Episodes

Little Smart Planet is an amazingly fun and educational learning show designed to fuel children's curiosity for knowledge. It is a pioneer in the development of educational games and videos for kids from 3 to 15 years old. Your children are going to love our kids videos produced especially for them. Learn about colors, numbers, alphabet, seasons, and more!

Little Smart Planet
  • Seasons the Song

    Episode 1

    Sing and learn the four seasons of the year: sprig, summer, autumn and winter. Let´s go!

  • Days, Weeks, Years

    Episode 2

    Learn when day and night starts, how many days there are in a week and months in a year. You´ll love this video!

  • 4 Seasons

    Episode 3

    Learn to recognize each season of the year. What is your favourite? Spring, summer, autumn or winter?

  • Learning about Seasons

    Episode 4

    Do you want to watch how easy it is to learn all about the 4 seasons of the year? Let´s start !

  • Songs for kids Compilation

    Episode 5

    Enjoy this video with a compilation of Kids´ Songs in English! Watch it and have fun!

  • Planets The Song

    Episode 6

    Learning songs teachs kids and is fun. Sing the name of the planets, you will love it!

  • Planet Earth

    Episode 7

    Hi kids, watch a video about the Eart, the Solar System Planet where we live. Lets start !

  • Solar System and Planets

    Episode 8

    Do you want to know what our Solar System is composed of? Get on our spaceship and explore the universe

  • Learning about Planets

    Episode 9

    Let´s watch the video to review all the vocabulary about the planets and the Solar System.

  • Professions The Song

    Episode 10

    What would you like to be when you grow up? Whatever you can be. Sing with us the jobs song and chose the occupation that suits you better.

  • Story to Learn Professions

    Episode 11

    Review the vocabulary and learn the name of professions and occupations through our short story that explains where our characters work and how they dress up. Learn and have fun!

  • Learning About Professions

    Episode 12

    Learn the names of professions and jobs in english, with this video for kids. It shows the writing and pronunciation in a fun way.

  • Wild Animals: The Song

    Episode 13

    Let`s learn vocabulary with our videos in English. Review the name of wild animals, while you sing and have fun. Come on!

  • Guess the Wild Animal

    Episode 14

    Hey Kids! Let´s watch the video to discover the most interesting of the wild animals. Share with us this spectacular trip through the habitats in which they live and knows its characteristics, while singing in English the song of the wild animals

  • Wild Animals Habitats

    Episode 15

    Where does the deer live? And the zebra?. Meet the protagonists of this entertaining video and learn the vocabulary of some wild animals and the place where they live. Discover their habitats!

  • Learning About Wild Animals

    Episode 16

    Review in an easy and fun way all about wild animals

  • Weather the Song

    Episode 17

    How`s the Weather?. By watching this video, kids will recognize the different types of climate. The song teaches them, the english vocabulary related to the weather.

  • How's the Weather: Vocabulary

    Episode 18

    By watching this video, kids can learn some of the words we use to talk about the weather. How is the weather? Sunny? Cloudy? ….

  • Describing the Weather

    Episode 19

    Today, it is sunny ... Do you know what to do and what clothes to wear? Choose your clothes and go to play!

  • Learning about the Weather

    Episode 20

    Let`s play the complete video that helps to learn in English in a fun and easy way, the vocabulary and expressions we use when we talk about weather and climate. The kids will love it.

  • In the City: The Song

    Episode 21

    Learn how to say in English the places of the city and get to know the basic vocabulary for buildings and other type of establishments. Learn all of this by singing with us!

  • Parts of the City

    Episode 22

    Know the city where you live and learn in English the names of the most important buildings and what happens in them.

  • Learning about City Vocabulary

    Episode 23

    Explore the most important buildings of the city with this fun video: theater, hospital, restaurant, school, bank, gas station ... and much more. Discover your city while learning English vocabulary.

  • My City

    Episode 24

    Do you want to go on a walk with us and discover the parts of your city? Learn the basic vocabulary of the city and the pronunciation.