Little Smart Planet (50 Videos)

  • Learning about the Alphabet

    Do you remember that well-known song to teach children the alphabet? Encourage your little ones to sing the ABCs

  • 4 Seasons

    Learn to recognize each season of the year. What is your favourite? Spring, summer, autumn or winter?

  • Days, Weeks, Years

    Learn when day and night starts, how many days there are in a week and months in a year. You´ll love this video!

  • In the City: The Song

    Learn how to say in English the places of the city and get to know the basic vocabulary for buildings and other type of establishments. Learn all of this by singing with us!

  • Farm Animals Vocabulary

    Guess what, what animal am I? Let's play and learn about farm animals!

  • ABC Alphabet Vocabulary

    Watch this video and review the alphabet! For instance, words that start with … Your speaking skills will improve lots!

  • Means of Transport: The Song

    Have fun learning the song of the means of transport!

  • Parts of the City

    Know the city where you live and learn in English the names of the most important buildings and what happens in them.

  • Solar System and Planets

    Do you want to know what our Solar System is composed of? Get on our spaceship and explore the universe

  • Learning about Planets

    Let´s watch the video to review all the vocabulary about the planets and the Solar System.

  • Learning My Body Parts

    Play this video and learn vocabulary for the parts of the body. You´ll see how easy it is!

  • Learning About Wild Animals

    Review in an easy and fun way all about wild animals

  • Story to Learn The Numbers

    Review the numbers by listening to short stories to learn in a fun and easy way

  • Learning about Numbers

    Study the numbers by playing with asteroids, planets and rockets. Let´s do it!

  • Learning to Tell The Time

    A fun video that teaches to tell the time. Practice with us and you will see how easy it is!

  • Planets The Song

    Learning songs teachs kids and is fun. Sing the name of the planets, you will love it!

  • Professions The Song

    What would you like to be when you grow up? Whatever you can be. Sing with us the jobs song and chose the occupation that suits you better.

  • Learning about Animals

    Sing the unforgettable song "Old McDonald had a Farm" and learn how to pronounce and write the names of farm animals to practice descriptions

  • Weather the Song

    How`s the Weather?. By watching this video, kids will recognize the different types of climate. The song teaches them, the english vocabulary related to the weather.

  • Farms Animals: The Song

    One of those unforgettable children songs to learn the names of farm animals. Come on, now it's your turn!

  • The Months of the year: The Song

    Do you know how many months the year has? ... learn in English every month of the year and what happens in each one of them to the rhythm of this song.

  • Colors Names

    Watch this video and review in a simple and fun way how basic colors are written and pronounced

  • Colors: The Song

    There is a very catchy song in this video! Sing it again and again while you learn all the colors!

  • Story to Learn The Colors

    Learn the basic colors with this entertaining and "colorful" story!