Little Leaders

Little Leaders

4 Episodes

Little Leaders faith-based videos are a fun and effective way for little ones to learn about animals, colors, numbers and
more through important Bible stories. Each story offers key words in several languages as well as an interactive episode
presented in American Sign Language so the entire family can participate!

Little Leaders
  • Little Noah

    Episode 1

    Noah obeyed God and built a huge boat. Learn about animals and the wonder of God's creation on a journey with Noah!

  • Little Joseph

    Episode 2

    Learn the 6 basic colors in five languages through the powerful story of Joseph!

  • Little Ruth

    Episode 3

    Ruth showed great respect for her family, and her story is a wonderful way to learn about respect: Who and How!

  • Little Moses

    Episode 4

    From a baby in a basket to the Prince of Egypt, learn to count to TEN through the story of Moses!