Job Jams

Job Jams

44 Episodes

Job Jams! Where kids can dream big and learn about fun and exciting careers. Come and get a behind the scenes look at countless careers, from Artists to Zookeepers. Sing along with our fun and educational music as we explore this exciting world together. Fun for toddlers, pre-k, and young students who want to learn more about this exciting world we live in!

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Job Jams
  • Old MacDonald Grows Food

    Episode 44

    You've probably heard about Old MacDonald's farm animals, but did you know there is more to farming than just animals? Farming is all about growing food for people to eat. So, let's learn about the many types of food Old MacDonald grows on his farm!

  • Old MacDonald Doctor

    Episode 43

    What if Old MacDonald worked at a hospital instead of a farm? He could be a doctor who helps people with their problems! Come along with Job Jams and use your imagination as we sing about Old MacDonald the doctor.

  • Old MacDonald Professional Athlete

    Episode 42

    Sports are so much fun! People who get to play sports for a job are called Professional Athletes. Let's use our imaginations and pretend Old MacDonald sold his farm and decided to be a professional athlete instead!

  • Old MacDonald Truck Driver

    Episode 41

    You've probably heard the song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" but what if Old MacDonald was a truck driver instead? He could drive so many different types of trucks and get a lot of work done!

  • Old MacDonald Farm Equipment

    Episode 40

    You've probably heard the song Old MacDonald had a farm that talks about all the animals on his farm, but did you know there is so much more to farming than just animals? Come along with Job Jams and learn about all the equipment farmers use to plant, grow and harvest the food we eat every day.

  • Old MacDonald Scuba Diver

    Episode 39

    What is Old MacDonald worked with animals in the ocean instead of on the farm? Come along with Job Jams and use your imagination as we learn about underwater animals with Old MacDonald!

  • Golf Coach

    Episode 38

    Do you like sports? One of our favorite sports is Golf. It's a fun game that takes a lot of practice to learn and a Golf Coach is a great person who can teach you how to play! Come along with us to golf school and learn how to play!

  • Old MacDonald Had A Zoo

    Episode 37

    Have you ever heard the song Old MacDonald had a farm? But what if Old MacDonald took care of zoo animals instead of farm animals? Sing along with us and use your imaginations as we explore Old MacDonald's zoo!

  • Dentist

    Episode 36

    Come along to the Dentist office as we learn about keeping our teeth clean!

  • Remote Control Car Racing

    Episode 35

    Start your engines and get ready to race! The Remote Control Racing Cars are ready to go! Come along and race with us at the RC Car Track.

  • Chocolate Maker

    Episode 34

    Chocolate is a tasty treat, but have you ever wondered how they make it and where it comes from? Come along and learn how Chocolatiers make chocolate.

  • Kids Visit the Bakery

    Episode 33

    Come along to the Bakery to see how a professional baker makes all of your favorite yummy treats!

  • Old McDonald Had A Farm

    Episode 31

    Farmers have a very important job to do. They grow food for people to eat. Many farmers also raise animals that help them on the farm. Come along with Old MacDonald and learn about the animals at the farm!

  • Old MacDonald Had a Construction Site

    Episode 32

    We've all heard about Old MacDonald and his animals at the farm, but what if Old MacDonald worked at a Construction Site and took care of Construction Trucks instead of animals? Let's use our imaginations and sing along as we learn about construction trucks with Old MacDonald!

  • Figure Skater

    Episode 29

    Have you ever wanted to try Ice Skating? Professional figure skaters can spin around and do amazing tricks on the ice. Most professional skaters have skating instructors who teach them how to skate. If you want to learn how to skate maybe you could find a skating instructor to teach you. With a l...

  • Doctors

    Episode 30

    Doctors help us when we're sick or injured. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Doctor? Grab your white coat and stethoscope and sing along with our fun Doctor learning song!

  • Paleontologist and Dinosaurs

    Episode 15

    Do you love dinosaurs? Here at Job Jams we LOVE dinosaurs! We love to learn about dinos by studying their bones, fossils and foot prints. There are so many different kinds of dinosaurs that scientists have discovered and they're finding new species all the time! Come along with us and learn about...

  • Making Pickles

    Episode 28

    Do you like pickles? They're tangy, sour, crunchy and tasty! But have you ever wondered how people make Pickles? Come along with us and sing along as we learn how to make pickles!

  • City Trucks

    Episode 27

    Do you live in a city or town? Trucks are very important wherever you live. From lawn mowers to snow plows, trucks can do all kinds of jobs. Come along with us as we learn about City Trucks and what they can do! Special thanks to the City of Otsego for showing us their amazing trucks!

  • Tree Climber

    Episode 24

    Trees are SO big and cool. They give shade, shelter for animals, and air for us to breathe, but sometimes they can be dangerous and need to come down. That's when you should call the Tree Climbers and the tree removal crew to help you out! Watch our team of tree experts safely cut down a tall tre...

  • Zookeeper

    Episode 26

    Do you LOVE animals? Maybe you could grow up to be a Zookeeper who takes care of animals. Come along with us as we learn about animals at the Minnesota Zoo!

  • Wheels on the Bus

    Episode 25

    School buses are so much fun! They're big and yellow and they help bring kids to school. There are so many fun parts of the school bus. Would you like to learn about them with us? Come along and sing with us to Wheels on the Bus! Special thanks to Monarch Bus Service for taking us on this fun adv...

  • State Fair

    Episode 23

    Come have some fun with us at the State Fair! There are rides, games and lots of food. There's so much to do and so much to see at the Minnesota State Fair. Sing along as we explore the fair together!

  • Snow Plow Driver

    Episode 22

    Snow can be a lot of fun to play in, but it can be dangerous when it lands on the road and gets slippery. Come ride along with us as we learn about snow plows and how they keep people safe