Human Nature

Human Nature

51 Episodes

Human Nature is an educational/informational series that teaches children how to acquire and strengthen character.

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Human Nature
  • Chapter 1 | Courage, Humility and Responsibility

    Episode 1

    In this first episode of Human Nature, we will open the season with three fundamental values such as courage, humility and responsibility. The first of them we will learn from Leo the Lion, who will tell us a fantastic story about "courage", set in the fascinating African continent. Teaching us w...

  • Chapter 2 | Forgiveness, Perseverance and Wisdom

    Episode 2

    In this episode of Human Nature, we will have three great stories related to fundamental values such as forgiveness, perseverance and wisdom. The first of them we will learn together with Munchee elk directly from Russia, who will tell us a great story about "forgiveness", Teaching us what it is ...

  • Chapter 3 | Patience, Respect and Kindness

    Episode 3

    In this opportunity we will be filled with "patience, respect and kindness" in Human Nature. The first guest will be Hanna the Hummingbird, bringing us a valuable teaching for these times in which everything emerges quickly. "Patience". We will know what it is, how to achieve it through some reco...

  • Chapter 4 | Joy, Generosity and Cooperation

    Episode 4

    In this opportunity Human Nature brings us as usual, three themes that will help us improve our quality of life and our interpersonal relationships.
    Danny the Dolphin will accompany us to explain the meaning and importance of joy, with a story developed in North Carolina. We will see that it is ...

  • Chapter 5 | Trust, Honesty and Tolerance

    Episode 5

    In this opportunity Human Nature will be filled with trust, honesty and tolerance with three great guests, who will tell us different stories. Each one with an important moral.
    The first of them will be Harry the horse who will tell us about a situation lived together with his rider and friend J...

  • Chapter 6 | Unity, Citizenship and Compassion

    Episode 6

    In this episode we will learn the importance of unity, citizenship and compassion.
    The one in charge of teaching us about the value of unity will be Rafi the rabbit, giving us to understand that belonging to something bigger like a family, a study group or a community, gives us a sense of unity,...

  • Chapter 7 | Love, Commitment and Acceptance

    Episode 7

    Today Human Nature brings us a feeling that moves the world. Love. Beatriz the Bear will be the one who will speak to us about the ways in which we can demonstrate and achieve love. We are all able to experience this beautiful feeling, whether it comes from others or from ourselves. It is also po...

  • Chapter 8 | Creativity, Determination and Self-control.

    Episode 8

    Our first guest of this program will be Lalita the Lizard telling us a story where the central theme will be creativity, which is that ability to innovate using the imagination to do things differently, achieving to give something new to the world.
    We all have that capacity, it is a question of ...

  • Chapter 9 | Gratitude, Loyalty, Integrity.

    Episode 9

    In this opportunity Libby the ladybug visits us to teach us the wonderful thing about gratitude, which is to feel grateful for who you are, for the people in your life, appreciating what they do for you. For waking up each morning to a new day. That is to say, thank you! for the wonderful gifts t...

  • Chapter 10 | Sweetness, Humor and Individuality

    Episode 10

    In today's episode, Sean the Swan visits us, he will tell us a story together with his friends Cathy and Cinthia, about sweetness, which is the quality of being delicate, kind and considerate of other people, avoiding abruptness and violence.
    Next we will have with us Max the Monkey with his wond...

  • Chapter 11 | Leadership, Empathy and Tranquility

    Episode 11

    In this episode of Human Nature, we will start with a guest, from Madagascar comes Lola the lemur to talk about Leadership, which is the ability to guide and inspire others to do something or achieve a goal with enthusiasm. For this it is very important to involve all the members so that they per...

  • Chapter 12 | Flexibility, Moderation and Courtesy

    Episode 12

    In this opportunity we will begin with a guest who comes from places with very low temperatures, she is Pavia the polar bear, who will talk with us about an important topic to have a good coexistence with those around us. It is about Flexibility, which is when we adapt to changes to better accept...

  • Chapter 13 | Curiosity, Reliability and Innovation

    Episode 13

    This episode of Human Nature will come loaded with elements that will awaken our desire to create.
    Beginning with curiosity together with our friend Domenico the Deer, who will come to explain to us what it is about. Curiosity is the eagerness to know the origin and why of things, which leads us...

  • Chapter 14 | Sincerity, Purpose and Service

    Episode 14

    This opportunity our program comes as usual with three guests and three very interesting themes.
    We will start with Felistas la flamenco, who will talk to us about sincerity, which is when we express ourselves clearly with the truth and are correct in everything we do and say. He will tell us a s...

  • Chapter 15 | Education, Independence and Inclusion

    Episode 15

    In this opportunity, our first guest, comes from Chichicastenango, Guatemala to talk to us about education, which is the way we teach, learn and transmit knowledge, our culture, values, customs and our way of being. It is something very important for our development and growth and goes beyond the...

  • Chapter 16 | Initiative, Order and Effort

    Episode 16

    The first guest of the program will bring us an interesting topic. He is Rayu the rhinoceros and will tell us about the initiative, which is the quality to initiate some necessary activity, whether it is to start a project or to look for solutions to some problem. He will also comment on some of ...

  • Chapter 17 | Tenacity, Adaptability and Optimism

    Episode 17

    In this opportunity, Takashi the tiger visits us from Bangladesh, who will speak to us about tenacity, which is the set of attitudes that firmly and persistently allows us to reach our goals. We must be insistent in order to achieve our goals and overcome adversity.
    Then Onai the octopus, will t...

  • Chapter 18 | Special Program "Give Me Prizes."

    Episode 18

    In this opportunity, Human Nature dresses up to receive more than 10 guests in the inaugural ceremony of the Deme awards, where only the best of their categories will be awarded.
    Gina, the gorilla, will be in charge of receiving the celebrities on the red carpet and they will be the ones who wil...

  • Chapter 19 | Self-discipline, Excellence and Enthusiasm.

    Episode 19

    In this opportunity, in Human Nature, we will begin with a guest who will talk to us about self-discipline, she is Halie the bee and will come to explain to us that self-discipline is the capacity we have to work in an organized and continuous way to reach our goals. She will tell us everything t...

  • Chapter 20 | Knowledge, Equality and Full Care

    Episode 20

    We will begin this episode with Wolfgang the wolf, who will tell us an interesting story about knowledge, teaching us that discovering new things and learning constantly is a magnificent quality of any living being.
    Then he visits us from La Mancha, Gulcinea la cabra, to talk to us about the equ...

  • Chapter 21 | Calm, Solidarity and Encouragement

    Episode 21

    In this episode of Human Nature, we are visited from Arizona, Amadeus the armadillo, who will come to talk about something very important to keep in mind in these times when life is very hectic. The calm, which consists of being serene, flexible and patient with the people and situations around u...

  • Chapter 22 | Truthfulness, Resistance and Justice

    Episode 22

    Human Nature brings us in this opportunity to a guest from Thailand, she is Pecas the pig and comes to talk about the truthfulness, which is to be faithful to facts and truth. Practicing this value always and at all times, is the lifestyle of honest people, which allows us to be at peace with our...

  • Chapter 23 | Ethics, Punctuality and Communication

    Episode 23

    Human Nature will bring to us, as usual, three guests who will leave us with important teachings. Beginning with Mona the manatee who will give us all about ethics, through a story with two children, Alfredo and Juan, who taught its meaning, which is when we have very clear values in our behavior...

  • Chapter 24 | Hope, Consideration and Resilience

    Episode 24

    On this occasion Dante the dragonfly will visit us, to talk to us about hope, which is to believe that we can achieve something, that things are going to get better and that everything good is possible. It is said that "hope is the last thing to be lost" because precisely in order to be able to f...