Maripaz: Good News

Maripaz: Good News

8 Episodes

Imagine the most interesting events in the Bible, presented on a children's news program, as if they were living them now.

Find out about the Good News of the Bible, from the hand of the host Juli and the field reporter: Maripaz

Maripaz: Good News
  • 1 | David vs Goliath

    Episode 1

  • 2 | Jesus First Miracle

    Episode 2

  • 3 | Moses Takes on Pharaoh

    Episode 3

  • 4 | Jesus Feeds The 5000

    Episode 4

  • 1 | An Unequal Fight

    Episode 5

    The people of Israel are being threatened by a Philistine warrior. King Saul does not find who dares to confront him. The news tells of a brave shepherd who goes without armor.

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  • 2 | A Wedding In Trouble

    Episode 6

    From Cana in Galilee, news comes of a wedding that is in trouble because they misjudged the amount of wine they needed. Is this wedding going to end soon?

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  • 3 | Lost In The Way

    Episode 7

    Moses, the Israelite leader is in negotiations with the Pharaoh of Egypt, to seek the liberation of the people of Israel. God has said that he is going to take over this deliverance.

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  • 4 | A Hungry Crowd

    Episode 8

    Again from Galilee. A large crowd has gathered to hear Jesus of Nazareth and to see him heal the sick. Jesus is taking care of them because they are like sheep without a shepherd, yet they are all hungry and need to eat.

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