Get Up & Move! (80+ Videos)

  • Dance-A-Long | All Things Are New

    Here it is… Yippee’s 2023 Easter Worship Song! Sing and dance along with the good news that “He Is Risen”! Brought to you by our friends at “Make Some Noise Kids.” This one has “instant classic” written all over it! Make sure you check out the dance tutorial to learn all the moves alongside Mary-...

  • Laser Breakers

    Your mission in this ultra exciting and sneaky VIDEOGAME WORKOUT: retrieve the stolen Laser Saber. RUN through tunnels dodging security lasers, then BREAKING them in this fun exercise for the whole family, sure to get your blood pumping and giggles going! Laugh and LEVEL UP with Bobo, Prayer, and...

  • Floor is Lava Dance

    It's time to play the floor is LAVA! Dance along with Danny and his friends as they pretend the floor is slime, trampolines, ice and more. But when it turns to lava, you better get off the floor...or get burned!


    Introducing the Fruits of the Spirit song by Kingdomcity Kids! Sing along to this catchy dance and song that teaches us all about the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit.

  • Kickin' and Wavin'

    Time for another sweet routine! Ever watch someone do "The Wave" and wonder "how do they DO that?" Well, today I'll break it down for you so you can do it too!

  • Ice King Dance

    Are you ready for a FREEZING adventure? ❄️ Dance along with Danny as he explores the Ice King's frozen palace...but watch out for the penguins, the giant snowman AND the Ice King himself! 🐧⛄️🐻

  • Taekwon-DOUGH Training

    Get a KICK out of this workout as Bobo and kids take you through a TaekwonDOUGH challenge, fending off doughy monsters with the punches and kicks you learned in the training video! Fight your way through the rooms to discover who the MYSTERIOUS bad guy is and save the day!

    Starring: Bobo Chang, ...

  • Exercise!

    Let’s get moving! I gotta put on the proper gear, and then we’re ready to
    work out with my super buff fitness instructor and enjoy a delicious smoothie!

  • Rahja Fuller: Dancing With My Brother!

    Learn a new dance routine with me and my little brother! This dance is hip hop inspired and incorporates some new and popular moves. Don’t be afraid to add your own style at the end!

  • Rainbow Disco Unicorn Dance!

    Are you ready to jump around and poke your horn?? 🦄 Dance along to this story about a boy and the mythical creatures who turned his world upside down! 🕺✨

  • Rahja Fuller: House Beats and Fancy Feet

    Let’s dance in my favorite style: House! I’ll teach you some of the basics of House Dance and we’ll learn some new moves to put together an incredible dance to house beats.

  • ASL Dance

    Learn how to talk with your body using sign language! 👋🏼 Dance along with Danny as he learns to sign a few common ASL phrases and plays a silly "guess the signs" game!

  • Dance Along!

    Dance Along!

  • Do the Smeeze and Crazy Knees!

    Come join me as we learn another super fun dance! Let's get crazy!

  • Space Race! Planet Song

    It's time to BLAST OFF!! 🚀 Get ready to dance through our solar system as Danny travels to each unique planet...but watch out for that blazing hot sun!!

  • Showing My Brothers Some Smooth Moves!

    I love playing video games with my little brothers, but it's important to remember to take breaks. Why not make it a DANCE BREAK!?

  • Winter Olympics

    Compete in the BOlympics to earn Olympic Rings right from your home! Get moving and laughing with Bobo and kids as they do the Ice Skating, Skiing, Bobsledding, Snowboarding, and Hockey events! Whether you’re representing Team USA 🇺🇸 or another country (which? Let us know in the comments!), this ...

  • Bubble Pop

    Bobo and kids bring you another Super fun VIDEO GAME WORKOUT for the whole family in a style that POPS! Laugh and LEVEL UP with Bobo, Prayer, and Zadok through a series of challenging levels filled with different kinds of bubbles for you to pop and avoid. Collect rainbows and lol at the jokes!


  • The Monkey Dance

    Are you ready to go BANANAS and dance like a monkey? Jump around like a chimpanzee, lemur, gorilla, orangutan and other primates in this upbeat dance song!

  • The Robot Dance!

    Are you ready to dance like a ROBOT? 🤖 Get your bolts and gears moving with this upbeat dance song about robots!

  • Digging In The Dirt

    Calling all hard workers! 👷🏽‍♀️🛠👷🏻 It's time to dig in the dirt like an excavator, bulldozer and some other big machines! Dance along with Danny to this upbeat movement song all about construction vehicles...and see if you can master the dirt-digging game! 🕹

  • Fire & Ice Freeze Dance

    It's a freeze dance with a fiery twist! Follow along with Danny Go in this silly Simon Says-type dance song about getting super cold AND super hot!

  • The Tooth Brushing Song!

    Time to get those teeth clean! Brush along with Danny and his friends in this upbeat 2-minute song. Learn the basics of using a toothbrush to fight germs & stay healthy...all while having fun!

  • Twist and Shake

    Get ready to TWIST and SHAKE your energy out! Follow Danny and his friends as they jump around and say some silly, made-up words in this upbeat instructional dance song!