Get Up & Move!

Get Up & Move!

26 Episodes

Stuck on your couch? We've got your back! Join some of your favorite Yippee stars as they show you some awesome ways to boost your mood and bust a move!

Get Up & Move!
  • Exercise!
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Let’s get moving! I gotta put on the proper gear, and then we’re ready to
    work out with my super buff fitness instructor and enjoy a delicious smoothie!

  • Time 2 Dance!

    Episode 2

    What’s up, everybody?! Don’t just sit around while you’re home… get up and dance with me!

  • Eat Right, Exercise and Play

    Episode 3

    Come On Over! is a musical comedy for kids that models creative play. Each episode follows Joel and his quirky friends as they play through all sorts of situations.

  • Kira’s Daily Dance Moves (Day 1)

    Episode 4

    Learn to dance with me! Follow along as I teach you some dance moves you can do at home with your family!

  • Epic Mountain Biking

    Episode 5

    Me and my parents go mountain biking through the EPIC Arkansas wilderness!

  • Do the Stanky Leg!

    Episode 6

    Join me as I teach you an awesome beginner routine! Today, our moves will include “The Stanky Leg,” “The Dougie,” and more!

  • Playing In the Rain!

    Episode 7

    Rainy days aren’t just for staying indoors and drinking cocoa, they’re for playing outside IN THE RAIN! Join me and my family as we jump in puddles, learn about rain, and even have a water balloon fight!

  • Feeling Bored? Dance With Me!

    Episode 8

    Spending too much time on the couch these days? Why not shake things up with a brand new groove?!

  • Beach Skate with My Dog!

    Episode 9

    Join me and my dog Chewy on a radical, beachside skate!

  • Heel-Toe WOAH

    Episode 10

    Come hang out with me as I show you a couple of fun dance moves that I'm sure you'll love! Today, we'll focus on a cool new version of The Woah and the Heel-Toe. They're super easy and totally fun!

  • Extreme Hide Seek

    Episode 11

    Help me find my friends! On this episode of Life of Riley I play extreme hide and seek with my sisters and friend Ava through a ginormous hotel!

  • Kira’s Daily Dance Moves (Day 2)

    Episode 12

    Come check out some more awesome moves! This time, let’s put everything together with music!

  • Dance Fever
    Episode 13

    Dance Fever

    Episode 13

    Joel needs to make a painting for the "Twinkle Toes School Of Dance" so Brandy invites her dancer friend Lindsey over to help them get inspired.

  • Maybe My Best Yet

    Episode 14

    Seriously. Just try to sit still during this one. You can’t… because it’s TIME 2 DANCE!

  • Kickin' and Wavin'

    Episode 15

    Time for another sweet routine! Ever watch someone do "The Wave" and wonder "how do they DO that?" Well, today I'll break it down for you so you can do it too!

  • AWESOME Backpacking Adventure (Part 1)

    Episode 16

  • Rahja Fuller: House Beats and Fancy Feet

    Episode 17

    Let’s dance in my favorite style: House! I’ll teach you some of the basics of House Dance and we’ll learn some new moves to put together an incredible dance to house beats.

  • Kira’s Daily Dance Moves (Day 3)

    Episode 18

    Ready to keep rocking? Let’s get our blood pumping and our bodies moving with some brand new grooves!

  • A Favorite Hip-Hop Dance Routine

    Episode 19

    I think you guys are gonna love this one. Get on up, because it’s TIME TO DANCE!

  • Kira’s Daily Dance Moves (Day 4)

    Episode 20

    Have you been enjoying learning these moves as much as I have been teaching them? I sure hope so! Get ready to put it all together for a fabulous dance combination that’s sure to get you moving and grooving!

  • AWESOME Backpacking Adventure (Part 2)

    Episode 21

  • Rahja Fuller: Dancing With My Brother!

    Episode 22

    Learn a new dance routine with me and my little brother! This dance is hip hop inspired and incorporates some new and popular moves. Don’t be afraid to add your own style at the end!

  • Another Awesome Dance

    Episode 23

    Here’s a GREAT dance to do in your living room with whoever is around you! It’s fun by yourself or with your family.

  • Showing My Brothers Some Smooth Moves!

    Episode 24

    I love playing video games with my little brothers, but it's important to remember to take breaks. Why not make it a DANCE BREAK!?