Fun with Fathers

  • Dadventures

    1 season

    Dadventures is a feel-good, dad positive, show ALL about families being brave together. Join these kids and their dads as they bond through EPIC adventures!


    Cam and Noel compete in a DAD JOKE STAND OFF to find out who REALLY has the daddest dad jokes of all time. DUN DUN DUUUUN!

  • Rock & Roll Wilson Show

    1 season

    Welcome to the Rock'n'Roll Wilson Show! We're a family of seven who loves spending time together by playing and making music! Each episode, we do really fun kid stuff, and then hit the recording studio and make a song about it! Ready? Let's go!

  • The Bethkes: Epic Hawaii

    1 season

    Join Jeff, Alyssa, Kinsley, Kannon, and Lucy as they embark on family adventures across Hawaii and learn lessons in faith.

  • Car Spotting in Beverly Hills

    So I LOVE cars… and on this drive I took through Beverly Hills with my dad, I saw some of the world’s greatest motor machines which BLEW. MY. MIND. Enjoy!

  • Cam's Adventures

    1 season

    Cam from The Yippee Show is home with his family, and he is getting up to some CRAZY adventures! Come along for the ride in this Youtube-style vlog show!

  • Malachi's Cooking Corner

    1 season

    An Online baking show hosted by a father son duo!

  • Danny Go!
    1 season

    Danny Go!

    1 season

    Welcome to Danny Go! A kid's show to help children become confident in their limitless creativity! Lots of music. Lots of silliness. Lots of learning. Come along for the ride!

  • Face Your Fears with the Moores

    1 season

  • My Dad Got a Boat: Epic Day of Frogging!

    In this video I go out with my Dad on the new boat and catch a bunch of big bass on hollow body frogs! It was a really overcast day so the fish were eating topwater in the reeds the whole time. We did forget the scale but we did have a couple fish that went 5+ and one around 7-8lbs.


    Cam and Noel call Cam’s dad and Noel’s grandpa to get some juicy childhood tales of mischief, and talk about what they appreciate most from their father figures!

  • Top Secret Mission!

    What I wouldn't give for just another hour of screen time! Luckily, my dad has given me a top secret mission. If I complete all of his tasks, maybe I can watch the newest episode of my favorite show!

  • This Cosmic Planet

    1 season

    Come along for the ride with world-traveling surfer and amateur adventurer. Christian Yeager takes us on a 24-hour tour of some of the most incredible places on Earth! From surfing to sandcastle building – a jaunt on a jetpack to a culinary caper – there’s a lot to explore in this big ol’ world, ...

  • The Remix Show

    1 season

    Join Matt, Luke, and the Remix team for some CRAZY Games, INTENSE Challenges and HILARIOUS Skits with JIGGY! Get pumped up and excited to learn about God’s love for YOU… It’s Going To Be Awesome!

  • My God My Father

    Shout out to our God and Father with this song!

  • This Cosmic Life

    1 season

  • On The Go | Elementary Week 4 | God Is My Father

  • Popsicle Stick Craft - Popsicle Stick Pallet Coasters Kids Craft

    What dad wouldn't love a gift from the heart? How about a neat set of pallet coasters made from POPSICLE STICKS? We'll teach you how to make a pallet coaster in either a fun colorful option or vintage (rustic) stamp style. Dad is sure appreciate either one while sipping a cold or warm beverage.

  • On The Go | Preschool Week 4 | God Is My Father