Finance 101 for Kids

Finance 101 for Kids

25 Episodes

How children interact with money and finance is an essential life skill. This educational show covers a wide range of financial topics from inflation to exploring and managing money skills. Follow Jamal, his family, and friends as he learns about the world of money both on and offline!

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Finance 101 for Kids
  • What is a Debit Card?

    Episode 10

    Jamal goes shopping but he forgets his cash! Dad comes to the rescue with his debit card. Jamal has some questions - What is a debit card? What is a PIN number? How do debit cards work?

  • What is a Credit Score?

    Episode 3

    Jamal is introduced to the concept of a credit score. What is a credit score? How is a credit score set? Why is a credit score important?

  • Passwords

    Episode 25

    Jamal discovers the importance of setting a good password. He realises that they are dangersous consequences for not thinking about how you secure your accounts and logins.

  • Credit Card v Debit Card

    Episode 11

    Jamal's aunt's cards get into a boxing match but Jamal has some questions. What is the difference between credit and debit cards?

  • What is Debt?

    Episode 6

    Jamal tries to 'borrow' some of his mum's sweets but she reminds him not to get into debt. Jamal has some questions - What is debt? Is debt bad? How do you avoid debt?

  • What is a Pension?

    Episode 19

    Jamal's Gran is a very busy lady - out spending her pension. But Jamal has some questions - What exactly is a pension? Why do you need a pension? How do you get a pension?

  • What is a loan?

    Episode 24

    Amira teaches Jamal about loans when he wants to share her crisps. What is a loan? What is interest? How to you repay a loan? How do you get a loan?

  • Why is Budgeting Important?

    Episode 22

    Jamal goes shopping and wants to spend some money. He explores the idea of budgeting - What is budgeting? Why is it important?

  • Why have a Bank Account?

    Episode 14

    Malik loses his money AGAIN!! Jamal helps him explore the reasons why a bank account might be a good idea but Malik has some questions - What is Interest? What type of bank account to you need? How do you get your money back out?

  • What is Tax?

    Episode 15

    Jamal learns about tax after reading one of his favourite comics. He has lots of questions. What is Tax? Why do we pay tax? Where does the money paid for taxes go?

  • What is Sales Tax?

    Episode 21

    Jamal and Ahmed learn about sales tax when they set up shop. What is sales tax? Why is sales tax added? What products have sales tax added?

  • What is Recession?

    Episode 20

    Jamal learns about recession during breaktime. He has lots of questions for his teacher - What is a recession? What causes a recession? How does a recession affect us?

  • What is Phishing

    Episode 5

    Join Jamal on his 'Phishing trip'. Jamal has lots of questions. What is Phishing? How can you protect your money?

  • What is Online Banking?

    Episode 13

    Is Jamal's mum a magician, how does she pay for things with her phone? Jamal explores different methods of online banking - What is online banking? What devices can you use? Is it safe?

  • What is Insurance?

    Episode 1

    Jamal's dad is in car accident, he is ok but his car isn't! Luckily he has insurance but Jamal has some questions - What is Insurance? Why do people have insurance? It also covers different types of insurance.

  • What is Inflation?

    Episode 12

    Jamal learns about inflation on a trip to the funfair. He has lots of questions -What is inflation? What causes inflation? What does inflation mean?

  • What is Digital Currency?

    Episode 17

    Jamal and Ethan explore digital currency while playing their favourite computer game. Jamal has lots of questions - What is a digital currency? How can you use digital currency? Is using digital currencies safe?

  • What is an investment?

    Episode 7

    Jamal explores how he might invest his money but he has some questions first. What is an investment? How do you make investments? What is the reason for investment?

  • Secure Online Banking

    Episode 23

    Jamal wonders how to keep your money safe online after someone attempts to hack into his bank. How do you keep your money safe? What steps can you take to be careful? How safe is online banking?

  • Using Credit Cards

    Episode 18

    Jamal discovers that there is more than just swiping to a credit card. He has lots of questions - When should credit cards be used? Why are they used? What is interest? How do you pay them back?

  • Salary

    Episode 2

    Jamal explores salary with his family his dad is getting a pay rise. He has lots of questions - What is salary? When do you get paid?

  • Entrepreneurship

    Episode 16

    Jamal pitches his parents on his new business idea - will they invest? He has some discovering first - What is an entreprenuer? What do you need to start a business?

  • Currency Exchange

    Episode 9

    Jamal is heading on holiday but does he have the right currency? He explores - What is currency exchange? How do you change your money? What is an exchange rate?

  • Profit in Business

    Episode 8

    Grandad teaches Jamal all about profit in business. Jamal has lots of questions - What is a profit? What makes a business successful? What elements do yuo need to consider to make a profit?