Autumn Seasonal Craft, Food and Fun!

  • Thanksgiving Trivia

    How much do YOU know about Thanksgiving foods? More than Cam & Noel? Probably. Watch!

  • Cap'n Ben | The R's of Thanksgiving

    Join Cap'n Ben and Pickles aboard the magic ship for a special holiday video all about the R's of Thanksgiving: remember, recall, resilience, reminisce, and more! All of these are ways that we can practice gratitude this Thanksgiving! We'll cook, reminisce, talk about gratitude and growth, and re...

  • Animals in Autumn

    Sky and Finn are going for a walk in the woods to watch the animals getting ready for winter. Learn lots about these animals with Sky and Finn.

  • Thanksgiving "ZOOM IN" Challenge

    In this extra – special Thanksgiving episode, Cam and Noel must correctly, guess the Thanksgiving foods in the zoom in challenge! If they are wrong, that tasty food be removed from their Thanksgiving feast! Thanksgiving without turkey? Without mashed potatoes? Without stuffing? It could happen!

  • Food Fight Fun! Thanksgiving Special!

    It's Thanksgiving! And for the Wilson family, that doesn't just mean sitting down for a quiet dinner. It's time to kick Turkey Day up a notch with an EPIC FOOD FIGHT for the ages! And for dessert, how about some Rock'n'Roll?!

  • The Grumble Cure

    Mr. Nezzer’s theater is in desperate need of repair and Bob is tired of trying to produce shows where there always seems to be something that is broken.  Bob is putting together a show about the Israelites wandering in the desert . As Bob watches the insidious plague of the “complainer family’ in...

  • Baking Pies - Family Vloggers

    Thanksgiving is that time of year to get the flour and make some pies! This was a wonderful holiday with the family!
    Magic World by TFLM
    Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs"

  • #50 Giving Thanks - Gratitude Rap

    To round out our week of gratitude, Noel has prepared a special rap. You’re NOT going to want to miss this!


    When Bear Head’s mom comes down with a sleepy case of Hibernationitis, it’s up to Danny Go and his friends to pull together the Thanksgiving feast! Follow along as they visit a pumpkin patch, corn maze, farmer’s market & more!

  • Turkey Chase Brain Break

    Bobo gives you a brain break celebrating THANKSGIVING with some FACTS, as well as jokes, of course, and a one-of-a-kind TURKEY CHASE! Burn some energy with a few minutes of exercise and let your brain take a break. Help Brainbo, Bobo's buddy that helps him come up with workout videos, break out o...

  • Animals Doing Things | Fall Is Better With You

    Animals Doing Things | Fall Is Better With You

  • #49 Giving Thanks - The Pilgrims

    Thanksgiving is here! Cameron takes us through the story of the pilgrims and the Native Americans. Here’s where it all began.

  • Thanksgiving Songs for Kids in Spanish and English

    Thanksgiving Songs for Kids in Spanish and English - Alina Celeste Hola Señor Pavo.

    This is a simple, cute Turkey song for young children.

  • Turtles Love Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! In this video, I bring the turtles a feast of two turkey legs. They loved the turkey and devoured almost all of it!

  • Thanksgiving Taste Test

    PRANK DAY! Cam and Noel think they are going to do a simple taste test… what they don’t know, is they are about to DRINK the foods as a thick, thick Turkey Day smoothie! Ewwwwwwwww!

  • Thanksgiving


  • Fall Pumpkin Craft Centerpiece Made From Recycled Books

    Fall Pumpkin Craft Centerpiece Made From Recycled Books

  • #47 Giving Thanks - Why Give Thanks

    Cam asks the question “Why SHOULD we be thankful?” I mean, if we live in entitlement, does it really matter that much?

  • #48 Giving Thanks - How to Say Thank You

    Noel shows us HOW we can be thankful. Turns out there’s more to do than just saying “Thank you.” A lot more! Watch.

  • Thanksgiving FrankenFood

    Thanksgiving FrankenFood

  • #46 Giving Thanks - Thanksgiving 101

    Happy Thanksgiving Week! Noel takes us through the very basics of Thanksgiving. Why do we even celebrate it. PLUS: Colleen tries to launch a turkey into a vat of mashed potatoes!

  • The Pumpkin Pie Song!

    For Danny Go, there’s one food that rises above them all at Thanksgiving...PUMPKIN PIE! Sing and dance along to this silly, upbeat song about a beloved holiday dessert!

  • Snuffy's Thanksgiving

    Jay Jay and his friends go on adventures at the hanger where they Learn about Friendship and other values. Come see what happens in this exciting new adventure of Jay Jay The Jet Plane.

  • Weird Thanksgiving Food Blind Taste Test!

    A turkey cupcake? An abomination or a delicious new discovery? Cameron and Noel try an assortment of odd Thanksgiving-inspired food… But there’s a catch! They’re blindfolded and have to guess what it is.