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  • Celebrate Diversity

    A hearing chemist from another inventing lab wants to collaborate with Paula on a new formula to reduce pollutants in car exhaust. But Paula is reluctant because of all the extra hassles of working through a sign language interpreters on a complex chemical formula. Meanwhile Edwin and Miguel lea...

  • Work Hard

    It’s inventory time and no one wants to do it, so Paula, Miguel and Dr. Wonder play around all day. But in the end Lisa insists they must get back to work and work all night, if needed, until everything has been counted. They all realize that working hard and getting the job done right in the fi...

  • Celebrate You

    Lisa feels she isn’t making much of a difference at the lab, so Dr. Wonder sends Lisa into the Hologram Room to show her what Dr. Wonder's Workshop would be like if she'd never come to work there. What she learns is that, without her ideas and her unique gifts, the lab would have become a huge, ...